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Sunday Search: Winter Sun January 30, 2011

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Hopefully everyone is having a nice relaxing weekend and getting rejuvenated for the week ahead. We both embarked on some winter retreats this weekend, split between two coasts. Where I am, its brisk but sunny, the perfect late winter day that makes you yearn for full on spring sunshine.

We want to get back to featuring more of our etsy peers this year, by picking a search term and seeing what awesome finds are being offerred in the etsy community. This Sunday, in homage to the beautiful day outside, I searched “Winter Sun” and came up with some inspiring hits. Take a look:

Antique Bottles no. 2 Print

Hand-dyed Sock Weight Yarn

Snowflake suncatcher

Moss amethyst Earrings

Geese on Frozen Pond

Felt Sunday Hat

Enjoy the rest of your afternoon whether it be sunny, rainy, or somewhere in between!


sometimes you go the wrong way and you end up in the right place… November 20, 2010

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it happened to me recently.

A few weekends ago I took the junior highers on fall retreat.  It was the same location as last year… only sunny this time.

In fact, I had no idea that this mountain was right outside the big lodge windows!!

Pretty spectaular….

I love retreating, can I just say that?  It’s just so …. relaxing yet exhausting, goofy yet powerful, intense yet crazy… Its everything really.   It makes me thankful I have such great 8th graders, even though they woke me up in the middle of the night, even though they took pictures using a flash the entire way up the dark mountain, even though they brought makeup this year and talked about boys, even though they really want me to do everything they are doing every second of the day…

sitting by the fire

They are just seriously the coolest kids I know.

So cool in fact that we went on a little hike.  It was advertised to us by the lodge manager as a mild walk — level and very short.  Some of my girls came, and so did some other jr highers and a few other leaders.  But I drove the van that left the parking lot first and I had the map.

Now before I begin, when I say “map” I really mean a 4″ x 5″ paper with one dark squiggly road on it and a few labels along said road.    I am told, oh, you can’t miss it, it’s around a bend and there is a ranger station.  It’s supposedly called Artists’ Point.

I pull out of the lot, and begin going further up the mountain – winding winding around the curves.  Really spectacular  views … yes, but I was told this place was not far… so where is it?  (and for those of you that don’t know — unlimited hot chocolate at the lodge + switch back roads + the 12 passenger van + kids + too many minutes = a nervous leader who did not bring Dramamine on this adventure.)

Luckily, just as I am about to be seriously worried… we pop out from the road into a parking lot.

No signs to be seen about what the trails were called, but there were tons of people there.  Not a spot in the parking lot.  

We all eagerly jump out kids start running around.  We find the trail head, and with other people all around start walking.  There were big  rocks the kids loved climbing, small areas of snow for a few snowballs, big puddles from melting ices to splash in. 

We keep going on this trail and pretty soon it starts to get steeper, and steeper.  The kids evidently slept way better than I thought last night, because they have energy to burn and still racing ahead.

And before we know it, we are all hiking up the switchbacks up this mountain.  Now, before you think I am whining… This was some serious steep-ness.  Most of the path became small rocks, which started falling as people were walking on them.   This cannot be right, I think.  This is not a short stroll through the woods.  This is like mountain climbing.   {kids beat leaders hands down though, for what it is worth…}

But finally, after what feels like forever… I realize we have not gone the wrong way.  Maybe different from what we set out to do, but certainly not wrong.  We have reached the top and you pop out right next to Mount Baker and all this beauty all around. 

mt baker!

It certainly was the right place to see all that splendor.


…and when we returned we played a very excellent game of  Ticket to Ride, our now yearly tradition….

…with more hot chocolate, but of course.

I hope every weekend is full of fun, laughter, games, deliciousness, and taking wrong turns to end up in exactly the right place.


Whew November 5, 2010

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What a week this has been! Lots of work, some fun with the girls, and certainly a lot of productivity, but oye, i’m exhausted.

Spotted this hideaway over at House of Turquoise and wish after long weeks I had a mountain meadow hideaway just this charming.

This is going to be a fun weekend full of a celebration of birthdays (both mom and baby), some crafts around the house, and hopefully a good bit of time in front of the fire. Get some rest, friends!


Weekend in Virginia October 24, 2010

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Last weekend I took a trip out to Virginia to visit my sailor man in and around Norfolk. We have been trying to get out of Norfolk for a couple days each visit in order to see more of Virginia – especially since fall has come earlier to areas away from the coast. So, this time we stayed out near Charlottesville for two nights and went to Jefferson’s Monticello. This is a must for architecture nerds, so now I can say I’ve been, and it was pretty fascinating. So, a post in photos:

House Reflected in the Fish Pond

 When we showed up a little before noon to buy tickets, we found that the next places for tours inside the house was almost 5 pm! So, we went up to the grounds, took a tour of the garden (no wait), and led ourselves through all the self guided areas of the house. We’ll do the house inside next time, although i think the grounds are really the most spectacular part.

View back to Norfolk

 As part of the development of the estate, Thomas Jefferson decided he needed more room for growing food for all the folks that lived and worked on-site. So, he developed a plot just below the house that is about 40′ x 1000′ long. Thats 40,000 square feet of veggies, herbs, and fruits. And that doesn’t include the orchards and vineyards that continue even further down below. ALTHOUGH. they did tell us that because water is scarce at Monticello, there is no evidence that they had irrigiation back in the day, so it likely didn’t look as green and lush as it does today.

Part of 1,000 foot long vegetable garden plot

 Around the main lawn there were all sorts of fun and funky plants that TJ planted as experiments. Many of these seeds were obtained in seed swaps with other political leaders This one was like a painted poinsettia. According to the guide, if yu didn’t have this one in your Victorian garden, you might as well have not had a garden at all!

Pretty plant discovery

 After the garden tour, we took some time to walk around and see all the service portions of the house which are rich with texture and history.

Rich textures in cellar hallway


Wood and steel floor structure (nerd alert!)

Single wine bottle dumbwaiter - great idea!


Beautiful autumn foliage


Relaxing on the lawn

 After our day at Monticello, it was time to head back to our little home away from home to cook dinner. I did some searching for cute places to stay around Charlottesville, but since there was a UVA game in town that weekend, a lot of things were booked. I stumbled upon these converted Caboose cabins at Heavenly Acres Campground, so we stayed here. They were cute, although we were kind of far away from most everything, so it wasn’t quite as convenient as I’d hoped.

Our Caboose

 Sunday afternoon was back to Norfolk. We tried to go to a waterfront wine festival, but showed up too late to get tickets, so we just wandered along the water instead.



Battleship at twilight

It was a great early fall weekend. Beautiful weather and scenery, fall apples, good company. Anyone have any Virginia recommendations for my next trip?


weekend in recap August 8, 2010

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fun, a little bit lazy, got some things done, was crafty, made and ate yummy food, gardened, watched the rain, saw friends, last sunday post church lunch with dana while pregnant, went to yoga, overall enjoyed the weekend….

{saturday night crafty remnants}

{watching my small group girls row in a regatta early on saturday morning}


{we dug our potatoes!}

{homemade pizza dough with fresh peaches, basil from the yard, and mozzarella!}

{our first dinnerplate dahlia has bloomed!}


Weekend Recap & Cheery Modernism January 18, 2010

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This weekend was super nice. I took off early on Friday so D and I could attend a Green Building Mentor Event at UW. We ran into a Tulane Alum and it was a good chance to chat with students interested in sustainability. Then, we FINALLY went grocery shopping, something that has been needing to happen since before the holidays.

Saturday we took down the Christmas decor (sad, but everything feels so ROOMY now), met Jackie at the Goodwill for some wedding craft material searching, then had an evening full of game playing, treats*, and chatting with friends.

Yesterday did some yardwork (D more than me), I accompanied Jackie, bridesmaids, and fam to the Seattle Wedding Show to get some new and fun ideas for vendors and DIY, got the oil changed in my car (first oil change in the new ‘Trix), then hunkered down to make Chicken Stock, and new hearty recipe*, and watch the new episode of Big Love (so dramatic!)

So, we have lots to share with you this week (thats what the *s mean!) hopefully (if life doesn’t get in the way of posting), and until then i’m sharing this Sneak Peek that was on Design*Sponge last week. Some of the colors and combinations in this home were just so US it made me happy and cheery. I like a clean white modernist house like the rest of the architects out there, but our taste just seems to veer toward the vibrant and occasionally cluttered (i like to think all that stuff helps inspire, ha!) Somehow Raina’s home seems to be the perfect mix of inspiring and colorful without feeling junky. Something to aspire to.


weekend away October 16, 2009

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We will see you next week.  Get ready for some of our favorite recipes we have been cooking up in celebration of fall and a special bathroom reveal….

{don’t think we forgot!}


for today and the weekend we are outta here.  And we might just tell you how much fun we had on our trips next week too.  B has already left on her jet plane and is having fun already!  As for me, I have got to grab my sleeping bag and probably 4 more wool layers … and I’m out!   I am taking a little break from the computer this weekend, which is nice.  I was going to leave my cell at home too…. but… someone is due to have a lil baby any moment now and I will need an update!


Where is fall taking you this weekend?