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nj for labor day, round two September 16, 2009

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Yes there were waves {You can read all about the waves here}  but what else did I do on my short jaunt to the east coast?

I will show you, since I took over 200 pictures in 3 days… {ha}

These pictures are an evening around town.  The sky was breathtaking against the Victorian gingerbreads (houses).  The cross lit up in the background is the Great Auditorium, the main town attraction and where they host Sunday church and concerts.    The Auditorium sits on a large lawn facing the ocean.  One night the moon rose slowly above the ocean surf and one of the town’s wooden beach crosses.




These little tents are summer only homes for beach-goers!  They surround the Great Auditorium green and are oh so cute.


Some during the day beachy pictures after I got out of the surf…



Don’t let these peaceful pictures fool you though.  Ocean Grove is small, yes, a few mere blocks squished between the ocean on one side and a state route that goes down the shore on the other.  Small in this case does not mean sleepy though – at least in the summer.  There is major bustle.  Major car-free bustle.  So this is how my parents get around town…

{note my mom’s blog debut!  They were both quite excited asking me what fun things would make the blog! crazy!}


We went on many bike rides – my mom and dad on their beach cruisers and I on my high school Schwinn.   My mom’s bike has a darling bell {though you should ask the neighbors what they think about its ring} to let everyone in town know that she is coming….  We would bike to the beach, bike to church, bike to shops…

My mom got the new house these… a birdhouse made out of a gourd and this awesome mid-century fondue pot from on of my favorite lil vintage shops on Main. {thanks!}


 The aforementioned bustle comes to an end when darkenss falls.  Then the town changes.  During the day it is BEACH.  At night it is PORCH.  Seriously.  Your house becomes less about the aformentioned gingerbread and all about how big your porch is.  You sit out there, get eaten by the bugs, drink wine, eat dinner, chat with your neighbors, bike ride by others doing it too and wish them a good night.

Here is my parents house during the day, with the porch just waiting for its time in the darkness…


and then night falls and we enjoy it.  Look at this delicious dinner my mom made {me!}… look at those jersey tomatoes! {yum!}

8-labor day


The trip came to a close on Sunday.  Not before though I got to go to a more modern church service outside overlooking the ocean.  I could do that every week.  What a perfect setting for worship.



Thanks M + D for a fun trip and for being patient with me as I took lots of pictures for the blog!


nj for labor day, part one September 14, 2009

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Over labor day, I {d} had the priviledge of being treated to a trip to NJ.  I grew up there, and my family still lives there.  I had not been since the holidays.  While that is always fun and family filled…. it lacks something I miss.


Well, I suppose there are actually waves during the month of December, but none that I wish to dive into!

The Jersey Shore during the summer is quite enjoyable.  When I was younger, my family and I would frequent the peninsula of NJ, a small town called Cape May.  In high school, friends and I would lounge in Belmar.   Now, my parents have a beachy abode in a teeny town called Ocean Grove. 

It doesn’t matter which exit you get off the parkway, imo.  The waves are incredible at each and every one.  This year was no exception. 

Both beach days had some rough waves, but swimming was allowed since the flags were only waving red, extreme caution.   I came out each day mostly unscathed.. just a swimsuit full of sand, some shells stuck in my curls, a mere ponytail holder swept away for the fishies to steady their braids.   My dad however lost yet another Tulane hat.   Oh, you didn’t hear?  Apparently Tulane is starting an underwater school for fishies off the coast of Ocean Grove, and my dad has singlehandedly outfitted the entire school with his years of Christmas presents from his darling daughter {that would be me, in case you are confused}.


montage1 copy


montage2 copy



and… here is a nice close up of us getting clobbered.  All I recall of this wave was that another of equal size came very soon afterwards.  I did was subjected to a few underwater somersaults before my legs caught air.  My dad would then laugh at me, for all he saw were two kicking feet above the surface.  hy-ster-ical.closeup copy

Special thanks to my mom for her picture taking while I jumped some waves and for only subjecting the other beach-goers to my paddle-ball playing for a few mere minutes.

{and stay tuned for tomorrow, a less wet version of my vacay, filled with shopping and food and town.}


water water everywhere… August 25, 2009

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…but despite that I can’t use the sink.

 water water everywhere

I feel like this is my house lately.

I am getting deja vu this week, seriously!  This week next year I am not going anywhere near water, because doing so seems to equal disaster.


Anyway …  here is how it happened…. 

Ya know how it was the birthday b’s part-ay this weekend? 

Ya know how usually a part-ay involves people, usually with somewhere to congregate?


welllll…..  I awoke early that day to get a few dinner ingredients in order and cupycakes made.   All was going well until about 30 minutes before part-ay take-off.    We were getting dressed to attend mini golfing with some friends for the first activity.  I decided to just do one more thing while waiting for the dishwasher to finish.   I leave the kitchen faucet running to fill a water pitcher for some pre part-ay chilling.  I turn around to check the stove where something is cooking. 

And I am like  – what is that noise? And wait, I just put on these socks and they are wet! And, wait, i look right and there is a river running in my living room.

that noise.  It’s coming from the sink.  It’s gushing out of the under cabinet below the sink.

Yelling, then towels, then more towels, then what is going on??

We clean up, lightly investigate, then need to leave.  You really should not be late for a part-ay you are throwing….

….post golf… We come back with a few guests.  After investigating several things, I discover a tube that is not connected where i think it should be underneath the sink… and instead of water coming out, ya know the faucet, it comes out underneath.  But we cannot get it reconnected…

So, dinner is left to finish prepping without a sink, which was hard for me, the girl who washes her hands a zillion times while cooking.  And likes to use a sponge to do silly things, like clean up my pizza doughed flour work surface…..  [yes, i still washed my hands… in the bathroom, but it was a pain!]

The night eventually comes to an end, and the guests depart.  B’s bf Erik goes to investigate some more.  After a few attempts and us “trying” the faucet and spraying him in the eye [oops]  he removes a broken tube from the sink.  It is strange looking… two plastic tubes with plastic connections and a T shapped connection in the middle.  One of these connections had simply broke with a plastic piece still inside.    

Our faucet is the type with a pull down sprayer.  We later learn that this special tube part is something very specific to our faucet.    Thanks to B calling Moen… we have a new part on the way since they do not sell it at retail stores, and there is nothing else out there with the special connections it has.

Then last night, post our trip to home depot to figure this out…. We are working on some projects on the couch… when we hear a water sound again. 

Hm, is that the neighbors watering at 10 pm?

I don’t think so.

Kitchen is dry, no… the sound is from downstairs.  In the basement, where the washer is going.

You have got to be kidding..

The overflow for the washer is into the utility sink.  It must have gotten slightly clogged because it was draining slllllowlllllly.   The water had to go somewhere, why not the floor?

Luckilly that problem was solved rather quickly by unclogging the sink and bailing it out with a bucket …. but still.


I am sick of water.


Me to B:  What other water related problems do you think can go wrong this week??

B to Me:  Well, we were going to install the new toilet this weekend.

Me to B:  oh. no.  maybe i will wear my swimsuit.


stay tuned….


sunset in the summer on the beach June 2, 2009

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no words necessary.


summer 005


summer 067


summer 025