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a saturday of my favorite activity. September 10, 2010

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It is what we did LAST Saturday.

And I would do it every Saturday if you let me.

Thank goodness we have an etsy business so we can justify our fun.

It is estate sale a-going.

{yes that is a hobby!}

We had not been in a while… and then it was supposed to drizzle in the morning anyway.  Perrrrfect!

We do all our discovery on craiglist.  Then we set out with the Garmin and some reuseable totes in our bags.  That plus some cash in our pockets… we are all set.

I do wish however that Seattle had a search feature to select “Estate Sales of Scandinavian Architects”….

That would be like Christmas morning. 

We have gotten pretty good at spotting potential houses full of treasure though, just by the ad.

Last Saturday, the two we selected in the end…Both Scandinavian.  One Architect and one Engineer.

X marks the spot, I should say.

These are just a few few things {check out etsy in the coming weeks for more}….but let me JUST tell you. 

1.  I have a new inspirational collection for my Christmas Dessert table this year.  You will just have to read this blog in December to see them all.

2.  Did you see that box?  I don’t think I have ever picked anything up so fast.  Perfect condition, in their box even!  And they are green!  And the price…. I could not have bought ONE new  in Finland for the price of all of them.


I love giving awesome things good homes.  Especially those things from Scandinavia and from the mid century…..

And things we don’t give a new home…. hello etsy!

Hope your Saturday is as good as our last one!


a little easter on our mantle April 4, 2010

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so cute

i think they are saying…


An owl in the house January 24, 2010

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remember this little guy that kept cropping up at estate sales and blogs? well, he’s come to live with us!

so darling on his little perch

my friend Jo knew i needed a little cheering up after finding out Erik wasn’t coming home right away, so she tracked down the cute Avon owl and gave it to me as an early Christmas gift.

winter white

SO cute and perfect for cheering up the window sill, mantle, or centerpiece in during these long January days. Thanks, Jo!

in such great condition


Lovely little owl November 19, 2009

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I have been seeing this little guy EVERYWHERE lately.

First sighting: 2 weeks ago. Fremont Estate Sale. The woman must have been an Avon rep because there were literally THOUSANDS of perfume bottles. Picked up the owl, but didn’t purchase since it was still full of solid scented perfume.

Second sighting: Nationale boutique from D’s last post. The wonderful hipster parisian woman running the store had it sitting on her checkout desk. Not for sale.

Third sighting: Today on etsy he stumbled upon me again (yes, thats right, its the owl who’s finding me. It must be). This particular one photo’d has been sold, but i imagine if we keep meeting this way he’s going to have to come live at our house sooner or later.


Shopping in Calgary October 26, 2009

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Whilst in Calgary, I had several hours between ceremony and reception to explore some of the recommendations I found on Design*Sponge Calgary Design Guide. It was FREEZING out, so i pretty much had to run from storefront to storefront, but it was great to get out and walk around a bit.

I started in the morning in the Kensington neighborhood which was nearby the church. I had a great cappucino, then stumbled upon this great little vintage home decor and gift store called Honey B’s (and the name was so fitting!). I picked up a few butterfly refrigerator magnets and ogled some vintage glassware that i wish i could have carried on the plane. In Kensington i also found Urban Barn which is apparently a Canada staple. Great little place – according to one wedding guest they sell metal mooses should you ever be in the market (although same wedding guest advises against trying to carry these on the plane).


After the ceremony i stupidly decided to walk back to my hotel (it didn’t look that far on the map!) in a dress with no tights. After promptly changing back into jeans and cowboy boots (when in rome.  .  . ) , I hopped a cab to the design district. I started at Chintz + Co. The best way to describe this place was like Pier 1 on crack. Flowers, candles, lighting, home accessories, everywhere! I snagged a couple Christmas gifts (can’t post for fear of ruining the surprise), but i also took a few snapshots of some pretty pieces. Loving the driftwood mirror and the capiz chandelier. MMM beachy.




Then, my find of the weekend: NOOD, which stands for New Objects Of Desire. Think. . . CB2 + Ikea + West Elm and you get nood. Affordable, clever. . .wonderful. And, cleverly, they have a membership program where you get to be called a noodist. If only i lived in Canada. Picked up a few clearance items that were plane-worthy (again, can’t ruin the surprise), ogled a bunch of furniture and tableware, and told myself I’d be back soon.


Walked back to the hotel from there and passed a few fun things on the way



It was a great fall afternoon of wandering and exploring and I found a few fun treasures to bring home. I would have like to make it to some of the thrift stores on the Design*Sponge guide – but alas, i had pierogis to eat 😉


storque spotlight over on etsy… May 25, 2009

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Great article over at the Storque on Etsy right now!

Thanks for featuring an RGV item!

We especially loved these other vintage items included:



click on the pics for the items for sale on etsy.


vintage May 6, 2009

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Today I opened up our etsy to see a message from a fellow vintage shop owner.  She has so nicely featured us in a blog posting about buying vintage for mother’s day.

What an excellent idea I say!

So, here is a few more to add to the list:


necklace at buygollymissmolly


phone at studiosmith


retro lazy susan at goodvintage

happy shopping everyone!