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Cash & Cari January 23, 2011

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We’ve been seeing ads for the new HGTV show Cash & Cari for a couple weeks now, and been very excited since its right up our alley. I’m actually surprised we haven’t seen more buzz on design blogs about it, but perhaps not as many people are interest in seeing the nitty-gritty behind vintage acquisitions.

In any case, we finally got a chance to watch a couple episodes of the show this week. The show follows Cari Cucksey of RePurpose, who manages estate sales, and resells vintage items in suburban Michigan. Since we hit up so many estate sales, management of the process has always been intriguing to me, and this show both confirms some of my suspicions and sheds new light on some of the clients. It shows me how hard the process really can be (not that I’m surprised), but I also love how her title on the show is ‘Treasure Hunter’. Ha, i’m going to make business cards that say “The Ravenna Girls: Treasure Hunters”. Because while a lot of people think we’re crazy, we know the treasure is out there!

Estate sales can run the gamut from glorified garage sale with not many items that aren’t truly vintage, to a treasure trove of vintage items hid layers deep. Sometimes you can really get a glimpse of someone’s life. The premise is inherently sad, but its also awesome to see what kept people busy over the years. Then again, sometimes you just find houses of hoarders and it can be a little insane. We’ve posted before here about trends we see at estate sales here in the Seattle area (read: Scandinavian gems), so its interesting to see what these sales are like in other parts of the country. In short, they really vary by client, and its interesting to see the strategies Cari has developed for different types of merchandise.

If you have any desire to see what our estate sale adventures are like, this show is really spot-on. Usually we’re just the quiet people in back digging at the back of kitchen cabinets, but sometimes we’re those haggling people too. Hopefully this show will teach us some tips to haggle even better 😉 We might even hit up one or two this weekend, on Sunday when items are typically 50% off. . . who knows!

[Also, here is a NYTimes article from a few weeks ago about estate sale management. Interesting.]


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whoa, hold the phone. September 24, 2010

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I am going to talk about Project Runway for a few minutes here…so don’t read this if you have not watched it yet…

We got home last night and watched it off our DVR.

All I have to say is you HAVE GOT to be kidding me.  How on earth was Gretchen’s mess dress in the top three??  I nearly fell off the couch when I heard. 

The challenge was to design a couture gown.  Then halfway through Tim Gunn came in and told them they had to also design a ready to wear look.

I will admit, I was a bit underwhelmed by the looks.  I really loved Andy’s… and Mondo’s was really good too… they both were definitely top tier material.

But GRETCHEN??????????  Are Heidi & Nina going blind?????????

Maybe this is couture at a Renaissance Fair… but…

In reality, where the rest of us live this is the ugliest thing I have seen this season.  I thought for sure she was going home last night.  And then she is on the top.  NO WAY!  I mean crushed velvet, magenta, feathers coming off of it, and a resemblance to a potato sack???????

I would personally rather see one of those early outfits of Peach come back to haunt us. 

But, really, what is going on over there at PR?  They keep harping on the taste levels of designers…but I am not sure they can talk.


gleeful week September 20, 2010

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Tuesday (tomorrow!) is the season premier of our favorite show from last season, Glee, and we couldn’t be more excited.



Check out this behind the scenes photo shoot over at nytimes. Cannot WAIT for the Britney episode, especially since its reportedly being done in a Bob Fosse format. I grew up with a deep knowledge of Fosse through my dance, so it will be exciting to see their interpretation of his classic choreography.

If you’re looking for something to do on Tuesday night, come join us for some slushies and singing.


who else is obsessed with the olympics? February 15, 2010

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Or is it just us??

Hopefully not!

The opening ceremonies on Friday night were gorgeous.  Everyone kept comparing them to Beijing, but that just seemed crazy to me.  Beijing’s were ostentatious.   I would have been disappointed if Vancouver’s were like that.   Instead the ceremony was … northwesty.  I know, I made my own adjective up here, but it’s true.  I loved how each scene was really a celebration of nature using creativity, color and motion.  The thunderstorm scene  and the mountains that the snowboarders all in red danced down were my favorites.  O and the LCD screen on the ground when the iceberg was breaking up.  AND the tall tree forest that sprouted from the ground…

B liked the big, sparkly, glowing polar bear the best.

He was a cutey!

But, seriously, I am all about watching the olympics.  This past weekend I was feeling pretty darn crummy with some sickness and watching skiing and hockey on the couch was about all I had in me.   The coverage is on 4 networks… and um, I will admit I have set the DVR up to record every last minute of coverage.  That brings me to my next praise {and one you have heard before}…

DVR or TiVO or whatever you call your recordable box of wonder. 

Who in their right mind has the time or desire to watch all this Olympic action?  Seriously, not every qualifying event is facinating and not every Bob Costas interview actually needs watching.  And, well, we gave up commercials for the new year anyway.  

B and I can watch 5 hours of Olympic coverage in just 2.  It makes terriffic background for some new crafts, some computer graphic work, and some just plain work that we had to take home from our day jobs.

Not to miss events in our house  …. coming up:

2.15.10 Pairs free skate

2.16.10 Ladies Snowboard Cross Finals; Men’s Curling – Canada v Norway & Great Britain v Sweden; Women’s Curling – Sweden v Denmark

2.17.10 Women’s Alpine Downhill Final; Men’s & Women’s Short Track

2.18.10 Women’s Halfpipe Final; Women’s Hockey US v Finland; Men’s Curling Canada v Sweden

2.19.10 Men’s Super G Alpine Skiing Finals

2.20.10  Men’s Curling US v Sweden; Ski Jumping Finals; Men’s & Women’s Short Track finals

2.21.10  Men’s Bobsleigh final heat; Men’s Ice Hockey – Canada v US & Sweden v Finland

2.22.10  Ice Dance Finals; Women’s Hockey Semifinals

2.23.10  Ladies Figure Skate Short Program

2.24.10  Women’s Bobsleigh Finals; Women’s Alpine Ski Finals; Men’s Hockey Quarterfinals

2.25.10  Ladies Figure Skate Final; Men’s & Women’s Curling Semifinal; Women’s hockey medal games

2.26.10  Women’s Curling medal games

2.27.10 Men’s Curling medal games; Men’s Hockey Bronze medal game; Men’s Snowboarding, Alpine skiing and Bobsleigh finals

2.28.10 Men’s Gold medal hockey game; Closing Ceremonies

now, if only it was snowing…..


the end of project runway, season 6 November 24, 2009

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and I have to say, I will be thrilled next week when I don’t have to change the channel to lifetime ever ever again.  Especially since we watched Live TV this week, there was no way to fast-forward through those terrible ashton kutcher lifetime movie previews.  {Topic for another post…  Why does Ashton Kutcher think he is a washed up star – fit for Lifetime?  Has the recession hit Hollywood that badly??}

I will miss PR though.  I will always miss PR on Bravo.

This season though was just kind of eh.  I liked watching, but thought most of the challenges were unoriginal and they did not focus enough on the process of making the garments.  After watching half an episode, you already knew who was on the top and bottom based on which designers they were focusing on.

The girl who won, Irina, was downright irritating and her final collection looked like a group of female architects with funny hats.  All black.  snore.

I’m sorry, but when did good design exclude color???  I missed that boat, thank heavens.

Now, Heidi Klum’s stylist…. She certainly did not get the black memo, for she sent Heidi down the runway in this:

She has to have a new, Lifetime paying stylist this season.  Every week, it seems the first thing out of our mouths on the couch was “AH, look at HEIDI!!!  WHATTTTTT??!??!??!”

I could not believe she pranced around in that hideous pants suit with obvious shoulder pads and judged other people’s garments. 

Now, let me step away from my negativity here…

What did I like?  Runner up Carol Hannah’s final collection.

Here, see for yourself:

I rest my case. 

Heidi, you are Auf ‘ed.


Fashion Show May 7, 2009

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I hadn’t heard until tonight – but it looks like Bravo is replacing their lost Project Runway with a new fashion-based reality series, the Fashion Show. Hmm. Hosted by Isaac Mizrahi and Kelly Roland (the “not beyonce” one. . ) this show has the potential to be either hilariously good or very very annoying.


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So far we’ve watched the first 2 minutes and it seems pretttty crazy. I’ll give it a chance, but i’m still longing to get Project Runway back on its new channel.