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All around the campfire January 21, 2011

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Just like last Friday, the weather in Seattle is dreary, gray, and very very wet today. Its supposed to clear up this weekend, but until that happens I am longing for the warm and cozy that can only come from sunshine.

This outdoor fireplace from the Jan/Feb issue of Lonny, that was shot in the Hollywood Hills, fits the bill perfectly. Its so cozy with those wool blankets, but also modern and fresh. That cast concrete fire pit is awesome!

Perfect spot to kick back and have a Dark and Stormy.

We’re going to spend the weekend working on some website elements, and some projects around the house. Stay tuned! What are you all doing this weekend?

Here’s hoping for sunshine!


a little easter on our mantle April 4, 2010

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so cute

i think they are saying…


a picture of spring April 2, 2010

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…it’s needed on a rainy day.


taken in our front yard, back when the sun came out last weekend.


add washing wool in hot water to my ever-growing hobbies… March 31, 2010

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It is true.

Ever since my slippers… and then when Feltique was given from Santa over the holidays….

I am obsessed with finding wool to wash.  Sometimes its wool yarn, but lately it’s 100% wool sweaters.

The possibilities are endless with all that felt.

One is this cutey flower brooch I just made as a lil Easter present…

The three layers on blue felt (former sweater) are sandwiched between a pin on the back and some wool roving I needle-felted into the center.

Mmm spring!


monday monday March 15, 2010

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after daylight savings… it’s light out when we get home.

yay for spring!

I could seriously post about cherry blossoms every single day, I love them that much.

So hooooray for spring!  {but boo for Monday!}  we got so much done outside this weekend!


the beginning of another weekend, hooray! May 23, 2009

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I hope that this weekend will be just as much fun as last! 

Last weekend we puppysat an Old English Bulldog who turned 1.  We had previously watched her over Thanksgiving, while my co-worker was away.

kuai 018


we went to golden gardens one night for a walk and to see the sunset….

kuai 011


and then we had a Saturday-Birthday-Playdate with fellow blogger extraordinaire’s pooches.  (whom we have also puppysat….)







and now I present you with a series I like to call:  Bulldogs at Play

kuai 037how cute.

kuai 038


kuai 042


happy memorial day everyone.  enjoy the sun!


oh, spring? May 5, 2009

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Where did you go??

I can’t complain that much.  This past weekend did have one very beautiful day.  One where the sun was high, the cherry blossoms were still out to play,  and all the windows in the house opened up to catch the  fresh air.


But then came last night.  I thought I still lived in New Orleans where monsoon like rain and howling wind was a common occurance.

Thank goodness B rescued some of the flowers from the yard for us to enjoy before the rain began!