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d’s holiday in the land of …. January 6, 2011

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milk and honey.

rice balls and snow.

What a trip.  It’s no secret I went to Jersey for Christmas {see Christmas 09 here with striking similarities}. 

It always seems that Christmas for me comes twice.  Once at home in Seattle, and then again in NJ.   While my early December weeks were filled to the brim with friends, late night crafting with B, lots of advent church services, twinkling lights, wearing my Christmas outfits, etc… My Christmas week brought something very very different.  Yes, family, obviously! Oh, and obviously rice balls and stuffed shells and a very stuffed me. {insert, resolution one for 2011, lose December I-ate-everything-in-sight weight!}….

But it also brought a whole lot of snow!  A true Nor’easter blizzard! 

So… first presents and Santa from 2010….I gave some pretty fun things this year.  At least, I hope my recipients felt that way.  I had a good time making them at least… and watching people open their presents {my favorite!} …

and church…

ok, i lie, this picture is from an advent benefit concert B and I attended at this amazing church in downtown Seattle right before I left town.  But it’s crazy pretty, right?

and then friends and family and enough rice balls consumed to feed many many more.

and then snow snow snow snow.

The blizzard was perfect for a warm fire, more Christmas movies, playing this new board game my sister got me, chatting with an old friend who is luckily my parents neighbor and could walk down the block to see me, and plowing.

Yes — plowing.

The snow had been coming down most of Sunday afternoon.  By darkness, we took the first pass down the cul-de-sac.  Then I passengered along in the truck as my dad plowed some businesses all around town. 

{full speed action shot!}

{out the truck window as we plow by my parents' house}

Its so quiet in the dark, thick snow.  Nothing to be heard, but my dad’s sirius radio stations, that is….

{snow fallin'}

{garden santa, buried!}

After that first night, the next day was full of shoveling and more plowing.  Oh and snowball fights.

It was an insane amount of snow, 25 ” at the house, to be exact.  That plus the fierce wind made for some deep drifts to shovel.  I should have brought my snow pants!

{view from my side of the truck}

This is my dad, plow master.  This is him in  his element of pure glory, as trapped residents in my parents’ beach-town neighborhood are chanting his name and pretty much throwing a block party in his honor. 


The coastal towns, Ocean Grove included, got about 3 feet of the white-and-fluffy stuff.  And, due to some bureaucratic nightmare, no plows came to their rescue.  {all I kept thinking was  – my street in Seattle will never see a plow according to the City’s snow maps of plow-worthy streets!}

So after three days of ant-like pathways being the only way out of the house… residents banded together and shoveled out to a main road, getting their cars off the street and a small path for my dad to come in.

 Hence the chanting for Mr. Plow Master.  Cabin fever had overcome the neighborhood….

{the doggie neighbor says, "where did the grass go??"}

After we were done and my dad was crowned King, we headed for the beach.

I had never seen a beach all covered in snow.  I usually go there in the summer, after all!   The snow fell, then the wind blew, which resulted in sand covering the snow in some places.  You would never know it was there unless you stepped in it, like I did… and sank. 

{d’s footsteps}

Too pretty for words…



happy monday November 29, 2010

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happy to be officially starting the Christmas season!

B and I have lots to do and share in the coming weeks…

The decorating, the planning, the music… it has already begun around here.

Last week’s snowy Seattle weather blew nearly five inches of the white stuff to our house.  The city is just not able to handle the snow and it was proven yet again.  We were pretty thankful for just having grocery shopped, a big covered pile of firewood to burn, jobs were we could work from home, two coffee shops within walking distance being open, and of course our neighborhood video store.

We hope you and your family had a very happy Thanksgiving …

We spent Thanksgiving Day eating quite a lot, watching the parade and the Saints win, and taking a very cold beach walk.

And then we went over the weekend to get our Christmas tree.  You will meet him very soon….

: )


Lemon ice! November 22, 2010

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Snow Snow Snow!!!

backyard raised beds out the back window!

I know, I know, if you live in the Puget Sound you are tired of hearing about it…. but I’m excited!!!

Plus we both got to work and got home safely so that is even better!!  And, as if it could not get any better, we also both got home before it got dusky so we could see our house for the very first time in a blanket of white.

That’s right, happy first snow day, Lemon House.  You look even more darling covered in white.

I bet up here in Maple Leaf we have over 2 inches!  The grass is gone, and the roads are covered.  It is not supposed to get above freezing until Thursday, so it looks like we are going to have a white Thanksgiving!! {and tomorrow, brrrrr, only 29 as a high!}

our street!

As for now,  crafting + time in front of the fire + more Christmas music + something warm for dinner is certainly in order!

hmmm, mums...i think fall is over!