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Whew November 5, 2010

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What a week this has been! Lots of work, some fun with the girls, and certainly a lot of productivity, but oye, i’m exhausted.

Spotted this hideaway over at House of Turquoise and wish after long weeks I had a mountain meadow hideaway just this charming.

This is going to be a fun weekend full of a celebration of birthdays (both mom and baby), some crafts around the house, and hopefully a good bit of time in front of the fire. Get some rest, friends!


harvest and fall crops August 27, 2010

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Our backyard garden is doing wonderfully!  It must be all the warm weather and sun we are getting.  YAY!

Here is a look at what the yard looks like today:

Dahlias are in full bloom everywhere.

Tomato plants are huge.  Tons of flowers… still waiting on the actual tomatoes though.

Cukes have lots of flowers and a few small baby ones!

Peas are still doing well… they are nearing the end of production though.

Lettuce is still doing great… and we are eating salads a lot.

We have completely harvested all of our small onions and shallots….

(only like 1/3 of the onions….)

Probably the most exciting thing lately is that we have planted our new fall starts that we bought from Cascade Edible Landscapes…..

When we planted them two weeks ago:


And today:

Pretty cool!

There are ten varieties of plants…including califlower, brussel sprouts, spinach, radicchio, kale, and a few more things….  stay tuned for when we eat them….hopefully!


breaking news July 7, 2010

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last night we ate the first lettuce from our garden.

hooray for summer!


a baby shower fit for two June 16, 2010

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two babies that is.

The twins.

Dana and Blake’s son and daughter.

We teamed up with Jackie to throw a double fun baby shower.  Yeah, it rained.  And we had to move inside and get creative.  But it was an overwhelming success.

First, we made some invitations….

with boy and girl buntings sewn on!

The theme was “The best things in life come in pairs!”  and featured favorite pairings on the menu.

PB + Js, peas and carrots pasta salad, tomato and mozzarella skewers, chicken and ranch (a dana fav), chips and salsa…

Really though best of all was the dessert bar.   Cookies and milk.  YUM!

We turned the living room into baby central with a clothesline of baby outfits picked out just for the babies.  (plus clean-up was easy… all the clothes went home with the mom-to-be!)  Guests sat around and played some games about guessing words in nursery rhymes and a trivia game we made up called “The Math of the Blana Babies.”  Clues had numerical answers (which could be found on the Blana Babies blog…) and were put into equations for everyone to solve.  It was challenging, but Dana thought it was quite entertaining.

Presents were opened… and boy those babies are going to have the CUTEST outfits!  They got lots of great things in general, but clothes for the twins are just so so darling.  Because there are two cute babies!!

Also, throughout the whole time there was a little photobooth going on in D’s room.  Jackie set up the camera on a tripod with a remote so people could go in there and snap away!  B made bunting like in the invitation for guests to stand under. At the end of the party, the bunting went to it’s new home in the nursery!

Here are a few good shots, although my favorite goes to the expression on Baby M’s face when Dana tells her she is having two babies.


Ok Babies, we cannot wait to meet you in August!!!!


baby alpacas are so cute and soft May 21, 2010

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It’s no secret we love baby alpacas.

We met a really cute one on the side of a mountain in Chivay.

He was shy and would not leave his owner’s lap, but tolerated us petting him.


so so soft.

we bought some baby alpaca things.  The cutest of which we can’t share because its still a surprise to the recipient.  But gosh its so soft.


Weekend Recap February 22, 2010

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Sorry for the lack of posties lately. D and I are both on big deadlines at work AND we’re both leaving town this coming weekend (she for a winter retreat and me to visit sailor man), so its a crazy time.

Stay tuned, though, for some excitements because this weekend was a PRODUCTIVE one. Lots of work in the yard (it was 60 and sunny here in Seattle!) including planting, some indoor greenery, and garden design. We did some crafting, and we will maybe, possibly, finally post our bathroom redesign after all this time.

Until then, here are some random travel and inspiration pics to tide you over.

17th Century Church, Long Island, The Bahamas

Deals Beach: No Sand, Just Tiny Tiny Shells

This picture inspired our week. Can you guess why (look closely). Photo Credit: My dad

I think i might be ready for another vacation, lol


paperwhites… January 21, 2010

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on our winter tablescape.

look at the peeks of sunshine that have graced Seattle this week!  Sunny and 50 — feels like spring!