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Flower World USA October 13, 2010

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Doesn’t the title of this post make you want to hum along to the Beach Boys? Hang on to that last bit of surfin’ summer? Well, instead, the purpose was autumn plant shopping at a huge nursery near us, Flower World USA.

One of my coworkers belongs to the e-club there, and convinced me to sign up about a year ago. We still hadn’t been, but a couple weeks back i received notification of their fall sale. All grasses (1 gallon sized) are $5! And, assorted other discounts including 50% off bamboo and 20% off japanese maples.

Autumn leaves at the Flower World Driveway. The landscaping at this nursery is pretty spectacular. Ripe for inspiration.

While most of our major garden work is done for the year (save for trying to salvage our poor munched brassica plants), we also know that fall is a great time to get some great deals on perennials and get them in the ground. We planted almost all of our perennials this time last year and they all are doing GREAT. So, off to flower world we went in hopes of snagging some more tall grasses to fill out our screening wall that we talked about here.

Earlier in the summer we bought two starter grasses for this location, a feather grass, and one smaller japanese blood grass. We’ve received a lot of compliments on the bright red hue of this plant, so we thought we’d keep that color going through our new ornamental grasses garden. So, what did we pick up?

Dwarf Zebra Grass: I have been coveting this all summer, but its hard to find! I found some online, but when shipping equals the cost of the plant itself, its just not worth it. Picked up 2 of these puppies. Although the title implies these would be small, they grow to 48″ which is about the size of screening we are hoping to achieve.

Pheasant’s Tail Grass: We picked up a couple of these for their medium height and vibrant orange/red fronds. These will nicely complement the smaller Japanese Blood Grass we planted earlier in the summer. 

Ice Dance Sedge. This is a smaller, crisper plant that will look nie at the front of the bed. Grows to 12″ in smaller clumping mounds.

Japanese Silver Grass: Similar in appearance to Pampas Grass, but shorter and more manageable. Pretty frosty fronds in the fall and winter, which should add some texture to our off-season garden.

Dwarf Blue Fescue: These are shorter clumpy grasses with a beautiful blueish gray hue. More than likely we will plant these in our front yard to contrast the orange sedge we planted there last year. We are going to reconfigure some of the perennials in this area in the spring anyway.

So, at 9 plants times $5, we pretty much will be done filling out our ornamental grass screening wall for $45. score. Also, we picked up tulips and crocuses for springtime color as well as some indoor supplies for the coming winter months. Stay tuned for those projects.

The funniest part was that we didn’t really anticipate buying quite that many plants and edged up wedging them into the back of my Toyota Matrix. It was a pretty funny sight. Like our friends noted later in the evening, it was like driving in the rainforest! Too funny.


These will go on the far side of the patio to frame behind the hostas and to integrate with other grasses aready planted to provide a loose screening wall for our lovely fence. We’ll keep you posted on our ornamental grass garden in the next couple weeks.


Let’s Canoe June 28, 2010

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Its been about a month since we took an afternoon to kick-off a bachelorette party with a lazy sunny canoe, and to be honest i had sort of forgotten i took these photos. But now that the sun is out most days i am reminded of this early kick-start to summer. Look at those clouds!

Darling Ducklings

MORE darling ducklings

Traversing the Montlake Cut

Happy Bride!


Dana and the twinsies (not pictured)

Turtle (quite the day for wildlife)

Cottonwood like snowflakes in May

drifting under a bright blue sky

I know i need to get all these things posted to an online album sooner or later, but work and travel and the house have been so crazy lately it just seems to sink to the bottom of the priority list. Probably doesn’t help that we share memory cards sometimes so the pics are always floating around between 2 cameras, lol.


Stormy April 21, 2010

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These images of Eyjafjallajokul, Iceland’s volcano now famous for halting millions of European air travelers, are simply breathtaking. Nature in all its fury.

[ps – thank goodness our vacation is to south america and NOT europe!]


My Christmas Morning December 28, 2009

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This was the view out the window on Christmas morning when we woke up to clear skies and fog over the water. So pretty! This was taken looking over Sinclair Inlet past Bremerton toward the Olympic Peninsula.

We had such a beautiful Christmas weekend with sunshine, clear skies, and lots of Vitamin D! Seeing the mountains rise over the fog so pink and pretty was a real reminder of the meaning of the day and the splendor of the Earth that was given to us.

Photo Credit: My dad!