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oh my May 19, 2010

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so today i was putzing around etsy, and i saw an interesting roundup curated by the editor of Design for Mankind. Looked interesting.

And then . . . it got very interesting. For those of you who are as obsessed with Delancey as we are . . . the light fixtures designed for them by tbD are now on sale over at etsy. You, too, can have the gorgeous fixtures from Delancey at your house, and even for a fairly reasonable price (as hand made, hand blown glass, custom pendants go). Oye. Of course we love our dining room fixture, and have nowhere to put one of these. Sad. Someone buy one of these and make me jealous.

[ps: read more about the design of Delancey here]


the front porch, a work in progress August 17, 2009

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Boy, we have been posting about the house a ton lately!  When If we ever complete it you guys will be too bored to read about us anymore!!!

For now, I would like to talk about the front porch.  Let me just warn you now… you will not get a pretty “after” shot to take home with you.  Nope. Most definitely not.  We are still making some decisions due to some unexpected happenings.

Sometimes though, unexpected turns out to be a good thing. 

Remember, MY DAD, the guy who was featured on the internet a few days ago?    When he was here we had a long conversation about the porch.   It all started when I told him I wanted a front porch light.

(remember this is the before shot… charming isn’t it?)

arc 090

So he gets out his electric tester thingy he made me buy at Home Depot that first day.  After testing the wires coming out of the terrible aluminum soffit he declares a problem:  “there is no power out here.”

Great, I think, this is going to cost me.

So I say, “what can we do to fix that?”

To which he replies, “why do you need a front porch light?”

“Um, well, you see, we have this thing called winter here, where i leave my house in the morning in the dark and I come home in the dark, and um actually, I’m not exactly sure it ever gets light out during those months.”

He stares at me.  “This is going to take a while to fix.”

“But, I saw a raccoon in the neighborhood once though, what if he tries to eat me after I fall down the steps in the dark and no one can see me because its so dark and he gets me?? ” (Plus, I think –What’s a while to him — an hour?  Geez, in one mere day he finished my whole shower, how long can an electrical wire and a bulb REALLY take?) 

He just looks at me.  At first, I think he is going to suggest like a battery powered flood light or something that will probably go off as cars drive by.  Now I’m having visions of this happening all night and me needing to buy blackout shades for my front bedroom.  Boy, this is really going to cost me.

But then he says, “OKay.”

But … then he says, “We need to go to Home Depot again.” 

Seriously?  I just better throw the house construction budget out the window now. 

And … then he says, “Did you paint this wall?”  He points above the switches in the Living Room. 



“So, how big is this hole going to be.”

“Is this plaster?”


“Hm”  he says….  “Are you sure you really want a front porch light?”

“Yes, yes I think so.  So, If you need to take the wall down to do it so be it.  I mean…. I see a few touch up spots anyway.”

So he starts working and measuring…

I scamper off,  determined to work on a different project (yes yes you will see!) and not think about my beautifully painted living room.

I hear some power tools start to go and come into a living room with a much much smaller hole then I imagined.  Seriously, this is what we were talking about.   No big deal!

july 022

There are two wonderful things that happened then….

One – best part was that he took off the aluminum on the underneath of the soffit to see what was going on with the wiring and run new.  This is when the unexpected happened.  What did he reveal, you ask?

augusto 043

Now now, I know, you are probably like, some old chipped paint (also yellow, charming!)?  No no, It is wood underneath that paint.  Approx 3″ slats of wood up there, probably from when the house was built.  Some idiot previous owner chose to disguise it with terrible aluminum. 

After much debate, my dad did also center the front porch light.  The old non-working one was off by a few mere inches, yet still bothered me everytime I stood on the front walk.  After finishing that he says that he is just going to put the aluminum back up there.

Um, I don’t think so!  I had already done my happy dance, envisioning that crap being taken to our nearest recycling place and made into something much more tasteful then re-appearing on my front porch.

So, we left it off.  In its place is the new-to-us but reclaimed from Second Use light fixture.  Centered. 

augusto 042

Two –  There was another spot for a double switch by the front door.  One switch went to the light, of course… but the other was free.  Free for something the house had been severely lacking. 

The porch/”veranda” is great, don’t get me wrong.  It is pretty out there, with the mountains in view.  We have grand plans for the paint on the porch and the rail color before winter happens.

Do you know what else happens in the winter?  That can be used on that empty switch we now have, all powered and ready to be used.

augusto 041

An outdoor outlet for Christmas lights!

Of course!  I don’ know how the house ever escaped without the outlet but where would you plug the lights into otherwise??? 


So, small updates now I know.  But all that really did take awhile.  Turns out electrical in old houses does that.  But, we are all ready for the next front porch decisions to be made.  …Stay Tuned.