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Knit Slipcovers June 27, 2010

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I know we are JUST beginning to experience summer here in the great Pacific Northwest, and that these knit slipcovers really are the epitome of winter, but i couldn’t resist sharing.

How FABULOUS are these chunky hand-knit slipcovers?  What a great way to add texture and coziness to a room.

Etsy seller BiscuitScout also sells wonderful hot water bottle covers, sunglass cases, and pillows. Check it out!


goals for the weekend. . . May 8, 2009

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while d is in chicago for the wedding of a dear childhood friend, i have several things on the agenda for this weekend. . .

1. My volunteer group from the Olympic Sculpture Park is going on a field trip to the Green River Watershed tomorrow. Yay nature walk with hilarious art docents (you know the type. . .)

2. Tomorrow night i need to finish my mom’s day gift, and learn how to knit this:


I bought the pattern from Cheezombie a couple of weeks ago but haven’t gotten into the knitty (ha!) gritty of learning it yet. I am terrible at reading knitting patterns, but the slug is just so darn cute! I have several friends who are expecting and i can just see the little ones slobbering all over this little guy. Perfect!

3. Have an awesome brunch Sunday with my mom, two of my aunts, and both my grandmothers. what a great way to celebrate [other people’s] motherhood. I’m bringing a sample of the compote for the crepes my dad and i are going to make.

Stay tuned for some opinion questions later in the weekend, i’ve got some big purchases to make and i’m terrible with decision making. . .