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20 in 20 March 4, 2011

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Abbey over at Aesthetic Outburst is doing a great series of projects called 20 in 20. It all started doing 20 handmade Christmas ornaments in 20 days, then evolved into 20 handmade valentines in 20 days. Now, she’s doing 20 handmade projects in 20 days. The best part of it all? She gives them all away! All you have to do is leave a comment on the project you like, and winners are randomly selected from that posts’ commenters. So fun!

For this larger installment, the project evolved to be more of a blog community project, and Ravenna Girls Vintage is excited to be sponsoring the project. We felt that it was a great way to support handmade, and simple measures of creativity. I love that its a showcase for how much you can accomplish in one little project with simple materials and easy methods. Go check it out.

So far, some of my favorites from all 3 of her series (Christmas, Valentines, and Spring Handmade)

Pendleton Glacier Blanket Pencil Box. Totally up my alley.

Security Envelope and Washi Tape Blank Notebooks

Felt flag Valentine (this was what initially inspired my Pencil flag Valentines)

Dala Horse Valentine

Heart Rocks!

North Pole Map Ornament

Reindeer Ornament

Also, her blog is awesome not just for cute handmade giveaways, but also in general. I love that she’s nicknamed her kids “Kicky” and “EZ E”.


Flourish Seattle March 2, 2011

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Wow, Wednesday already?

This has been a terrific week so far, as I was on a mini vacation to visit one of my very best friends, her husband, and 21 month old daughter in southern Utah. There was a little bit of sunshine, a lot of toddler energy, and some great catching up.

I wanted to give a quick shout out to an event thats happening this weekend – a Seattle area blogger meet up hosted by Maggie and Michaela. We’re going to swing by with the hopes of meeting some awesome local bloggers and to bounce ideas off one another. If this sounds interesting to you, or as Michaela puts it, “you blog and like pretty things”, send an RSVP to the address listed below and come hang out 🙂

Don’t be intimidated by “Home Decor” bloggers, you know we don’t stay in that genre only. I think if you are inspired by design, this should be an interesting event.

Hopefully this will be the first in a series of great networking events. Plus, we’ll be heading out in lower queen after for some Mardi Gras revelry, so it should be a fun night!


A Thursday Chuckle February 24, 2011

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Thursdays are tough, eh? Especially when on Wednesday night you had so convinced yourself it would be a snow day, and then you woke up to a measly 2″ and clear roadways. boo.

This nyt article about Nate Berkus decorating Dr. Ruth’s apartment lightened my afternoon. Its both charming and hilarious. Have a read.

Photo credit: New York Times


Fresh Read February 7, 2011

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Last weekend Michaels was having a one day only sale from 4 -8 pm. We had a running list of project needs and so we headed to our closest store to pick up some discounted goodies. Being that the sale was for limited time, the line for checkout was quite long. So, we did what any curious minded crafters do in line, we read through all the fun project magazines.

One in particular caught my eye: Fresh Home. This quarterly magazine is sort of a twist on DIY magazine meets Real Simple with project ideas, recipes, travel suggestions,  and overall decorating tips. Its a good one, and at first I thought “a ha! a new shelter magazine!” But, it turns out, Fresh Home has been published quarterly since Spring 2009. Huh. I’m surprised I don’t see more mentions on other design blogs about, because it really does have some simple and wonderful ideas.

I think we will plan to subscribe. Right now we only receive Martha Stewart Living and Sunset Magazine, since we know its a slippery slope when it comes to having glossy pretty pictures waiting in your mailbox after a long day of architecting (or whatever it is we do).

Anyway, if you’re looking for something new to read or some new fun projects, Fresh Home seems to be a good bet. There is one particular project in the Winter 2011 that has me VERY excited and hopefully I will be sharing soon. In the meantime, these other articles from their blog caught my eye:

How to hang artwork using picture rail (its the only way we do it here in the Lemon House!)

Creative Staircases (Drawers! IN. YOUR. STAIRS. Genious!)

Locker Pantry (cute!)


All around the campfire January 21, 2011

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Just like last Friday, the weather in Seattle is dreary, gray, and very very wet today. Its supposed to clear up this weekend, but until that happens I am longing for the warm and cozy that can only come from sunshine.

This outdoor fireplace from the Jan/Feb issue of Lonny, that was shot in the Hollywood Hills, fits the bill perfectly. Its so cozy with those wool blankets, but also modern and fresh. That cast concrete fire pit is awesome!

Perfect spot to kick back and have a Dark and Stormy.

We’re going to spend the weekend working on some website elements, and some projects around the house. Stay tuned! What are you all doing this weekend?

Here’s hoping for sunshine!


2011 Crafty Inspiration January 9, 2011

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One of our goals for 2011 is to make even more of the gifts we give. We can’t help loving to give gifts, so we’ll focus on creating even more of these ourselves. These are the books that I received for the holidays that we will have on-hand to help with crafty inspiration.

Sew and Stow by Betty Oppenheimer

I will probably make myself a few things from this book at the start of the year to get ORGANIZED (another 2011 goal) to create the rest.

The Knitters Year by Debbie Bliss

Simple and modern quick projects, and lots of them (52 projects, one for each week).

One-yard Wonders by Rebecca Yaker

Again, lots of projects for lots of inspiration (101 in total), and a great source of inspiration for fabric leftovers.

Felt Furnishings by Anne Kyyro Quinn

This one has been in our house for 2010, but I want to keep it further toward the front of the stack because it has some simple and modern projects that I really love.

Update: HOW could I forget this one?

Wild and Wonderful Fleece Animals by Linda Carr.

All the kiddos around me are going to be receiving ZOOs full of these adorable fleece creatures.


Also, I received a couple small books that will serve the utilitarian purpose of solving my novice-sewer problems:

The Sewing Answer Book by Barbara Weiland Talbert

A comprehensive little bible, looks like it should provide answers in a pinch.

Directory of Quilting Techniques by Caroline Rodriques

I’ve had this and this on my radar for awhile, and in 2011 I may try my hand at some simple manageable quilts (crazy!), and this book should be a good primer.

Looks like it’ll be another busy crafting year. What books are inspiring you for 2011?


Thursday Lovelies October 28, 2010

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Thursdays are always the toughest (so close to Friday but just not there!) and today the rain is back. To make matters worse, last night I went to a crazy intense yoga class that was led like a football skills clinic. I kid you not at one point the guy actually referred to our series of poses as a “drill”. Ugh, SO not the relaxed focused workout I had been looking for, and I am hurting this morning.

So, to temper things, I’m going to post some pretty bathroom inspiration photos from Sunset/My Home Ideas. I’ve been working with my parents to come up with ideas for their master bathroom remodel and these are some beautiful things I’ve found along the way. Enjoy.

Ladder is so cute!


Love the river rock around the tub


Not so plausible with neighbors 10' away, but perfect for a getaway house


I like the midcentury flair of this one

Oh, and also, loving this crate shelf on casters spotted at Door Sixteen:

Great project for thrifted fruit crates