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Make Something Monday February 28, 2011

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Friends! If you are familiar with a bit of sunshine, the wonderful Rebekah who curates “ten on ten“, then you know she also has a great Monday feature called “Make Something Monday”. Rebekah features a simple and pretty project that can be completed easily over the weekend. She’s had some great projects featured over there, and its a very inspiring space. If you don’t know her blog, hop over there now because she is an inspiring gal!

Well, this week she’s invited us to share a project of our own. Its a great honor to be a part of her other creative projects, and we’re flattered to have a feature over there. We chose our vintage frame jewelry hangers, similar to these in our shop, since we always see them thrifting and want to share how we spiff them up!

Go check it out the full how-to on these frames and stay for awhile on Rebekah’s blog. She is a fellow Seattleite, mom to three ADORABLE kiddos, and has a deep faith and her posts really it home.




Fresh Read February 7, 2011

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Last weekend Michaels was having a one day only sale from 4 -8 pm. We had a running list of project needs and so we headed to our closest store to pick up some discounted goodies. Being that the sale was for limited time, the line for checkout was quite long. So, we did what any curious minded crafters do in line, we read through all the fun project magazines.

One in particular caught my eye: Fresh Home. This quarterly magazine is sort of a twist on DIY magazine meets Real Simple with project ideas, recipes, travel suggestions,  and overall decorating tips. Its a good one, and at first I thought “a ha! a new shelter magazine!” But, it turns out, Fresh Home has been published quarterly since Spring 2009. Huh. I’m surprised I don’t see more mentions on other design blogs about, because it really does have some simple and wonderful ideas.

I think we will plan to subscribe. Right now we only receive Martha Stewart Living and Sunset Magazine, since we know its a slippery slope when it comes to having glossy pretty pictures waiting in your mailbox after a long day of architecting (or whatever it is we do).

Anyway, if you’re looking for something new to read or some new fun projects, Fresh Home seems to be a good bet. There is one particular project in the Winter 2011 that has me VERY excited and hopefully I will be sharing soon. In the meantime, these other articles from their blog caught my eye:

How to hang artwork using picture rail (its the only way we do it here in the Lemon House!)

Creative Staircases (Drawers! IN. YOUR. STAIRS. Genious!)

Locker Pantry (cute!)


glittered December 18, 2010

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I’ve had a christmas craft on my mind for awhile now. I think it came from Martha originally, but I’m not 100% sure. In any case, I finally got around to these sparkly pillars for my Womens’ Christmas Dessert Table, and I couldn’t be more pleased with the results!

To start, I’ve been hoarding away various sized vintage fluted tart tins like these ones from sugarpush.

I ended up with two sizes, approx 4″ and 2.5″ which were a nice size. Much larger than this and you start sucking up a lot of glitter, and they fit a votive or tealight nicely.

Then, matching in pairs, I used Elmer’s Ultimate Glue to turn these into fluted pillars. This glue takes about 4 hours to cure, and you need to use in small quantities since it expands as it cures,  but its really great. Once it hard cured, its rock solid.

Glued solid and ready for glitter!

Two sizes side by side

So then, pull out your Martha glitter and go to town! I used Tacky Glue as the glitter adhesive after trying plain Elmer’s and having it run right off the metal surface. Using a foam brush, I spread the glue evenly, and worked from one side to the other of the holder with the glitter. Apply glue, pour on glitter evenly, tap off onto a clean sheet of paper, return glitter to resevoir, repeat.

I started with the dish on one side, then moved to the outside flutes, letting dry, and the flip for the final coat

My original intention was to have an ombre effect of glitter colors, but this would require mixing up 4-5 custom colors to create a smooth fade. Instead, I decided to take 3 colors from the Martha glitter pack and make 2 rich colors for the top and the bottom. I use Florentine Gold for the tops, Bronze for the bottoms, and mixed in the darker color Brownstone to create more depth. The Bronze was just a bit too coppery for me without it.

I made a total of four of these (two of each size) and used about an ounce of glitter in the process. After they dried, just popped in a white candle and observe the twinkle of light.


Thursday Lovelies October 28, 2010

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Thursdays are always the toughest (so close to Friday but just not there!) and today the rain is back. To make matters worse, last night I went to a crazy intense yoga class that was led like a football skills clinic. I kid you not at one point the guy actually referred to our series of poses as a “drill”. Ugh, SO not the relaxed focused workout I had been looking for, and I am hurting this morning.

So, to temper things, I’m going to post some pretty bathroom inspiration photos from Sunset/My Home Ideas. I’ve been working with my parents to come up with ideas for their master bathroom remodel and these are some beautiful things I’ve found along the way. Enjoy.

Ladder is so cute!


Love the river rock around the tub


Not so plausible with neighbors 10' away, but perfect for a getaway house


I like the midcentury flair of this one

Oh, and also, loving this crate shelf on casters spotted at Door Sixteen:

Great project for thrifted fruit crates


Knit Slipcovers June 27, 2010

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I know we are JUST beginning to experience summer here in the great Pacific Northwest, and that these knit slipcovers really are the epitome of winter, but i couldn’t resist sharing.

How FABULOUS are these chunky hand-knit slipcovers?  What a great way to add texture and coziness to a room.

Etsy seller BiscuitScout also sells wonderful hot water bottle covers, sunglass cases, and pillows. Check it out!


oh my May 19, 2010

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so today i was putzing around etsy, and i saw an interesting roundup curated by the editor of Design for Mankind. Looked interesting.

And then . . . it got very interesting. For those of you who are as obsessed with Delancey as we are . . . the light fixtures designed for them by tbD are now on sale over at etsy. You, too, can have the gorgeous fixtures from Delancey at your house, and even for a fairly reasonable price (as hand made, hand blown glass, custom pendants go). Oye. Of course we love our dining room fixture, and have nowhere to put one of these. Sad. Someone buy one of these and make me jealous.

[ps: read more about the design of Delancey here]


Succulent Madness March 3, 2010

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I’ve had the succulent bug for a few months now. I know, i know, i all the bloggers are doing it, but really, they’re such a cute and easy way to add some greenery around the house. Plus, they give me an excuse to buy all sorts of cute little containers at thrift shops.

 There were a couple of things that really got us on the track towards this weekends projects. In November, the last time we were in Portland, we stopped by Artemesia, an awesome little shop that sells succulents, air plants, gravel/rock/sand, and various terrarium accessories. D bought some cream colored gravel rock, and i bought some sparkly sand. Most succulents and sedums don’t need soil at all, they thrive in the wild in loose sandy soil or rockery areas, so you can grow them indoors using the same concepts. In fact, the only time i’ve killed a succulent was by planting it in moist soil and then overwatering. They are happiest with only the teensy bit of water they actually need. 




For Christmas, Jo gave me a pair of CB2s adorable blown glass hanging orbs, so i knew i needed to get cracking on some mini-gardens. Unfortunately, when Erik was home we jaunted over to Swanson’s nursery, and the only succulent/sedums they had were HUGE. So it wasn’t until D and I made it to Sky Nursery last weekend that we found what we were looking for. We bought (3) 4″ pots of outdoor succelents and were able to make 10 little indoor terrariums. A little goes a long way because they really pack those pots full.  




Its great being able to have these hiding in little nooks all over the house. We have WAY more than we need for now, but once you get started on these little gardens you really can’t stop!   

Our collection   

Keep your eyes open when you are thrifting because you’d be surprised what makes a good container. Fish bowls, fancy drinks goblets, wide-mouth ball jars, etc. We are always picking up containers that look like they might be big enough to contain a little plant or two. A mix of nature and vintage can’t be beat.  

Thrifted jam jar. . . No lid. . . No problem

 Oh, and i made a moss terrarium finally, too. I found this CUTE cheese plate at the Goodwill a few weeks back. Went out to the backyard and picked up a few pillows of moss that the crows helped dislodge from our roof. Add in some drainage rock, some charcoal from the fireplace, a little snail shell, and voila! The cover on this one helps keep the moss moist (the opposite of the succulents).


Lush and green


Owlie next to the moss


Bonus tips: place a medium sized rock in the center of the vessel then pour gravel/sand around it. This will help fill up space without wasting your fancy (and more expensive!) growing medium.  

A piece of pyrite picked up at artemesia to add a little garden bling