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For the mermaid December 16, 2010

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These tights are so cute – in both colors. They would be great for any remaining holiday parties (New Years?) or even into the spring with a flirty skirt.

Spotted over at Design*Sponge


Gift Guide Round Up December 8, 2010

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Since so many awesome bloggers put out gift guides, instead of doing one of our own I thought I’d doa round-up of my favorites and shout out my favorite item from each one. With these links combined,you’ve got over a hundred ideas for many different folks in your life. Happy Holidays!

Sub-Studio: Blue Gift Guide (Checkout the sailboat S&P set!)

Design Sponge: Monograms & Initials Guide (Retro Modern Alphabet!)

Cup of Jo: Your Best Friend who wears the prettiest lipstick guide (Morse Code necklaces: so clever!)

Home By Sunset: Affordable Art

Hindsvik @ Poppytalk: Vintage Modern. Love that cookie tray!

the haystack needle: all etsy

whorange: mad men gift guide.

Poppytalk Handmade: Books from Sycamore Street Press. Moomin!

Anyone have any other gift guides to share? I still have  a couple people on my list that I’m seeking that one perfect thing for 🙂


Time to get festive! November 16, 2010

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Big News!

the Ravenna Girls have been accepted to our very first craft show. While it might seem like one more thing to add to a crazy holiday schedule, we found a local neighborhood show that should be the perfect place for us to get started with non-online sales.

The craziest part is that it is coming up in just a couple weeks, so we’ve been working to beef up our inventory and with that comes crafting and with THAT comes an early influx of festive music. I’m fully feeling the festive Christmas spirit early this year and already there is so much eye candy around the web to get your mind started. One of my faves so far is the new digital issue of Sweet Paul Magazine. I’ve clipped my highlights to get your Christmas heart a-fluttering!

Bright and cheery wrappings

These wrappings would be gifts in themselves!

Awesome idea for repurposing sweaters

Light and modern ideas for a holiday brunch

Head over to Sweet Paul to check out more holiday delights. Light a fire, turn on your holiday tunes, and get into the season!

Also, if you live in the Seattle area mark your calendars for the Ravenna Holiday Craft Show.


Food Letters October 20, 2010

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How darling are these plates from Etsian Justnoey? She hand illustrates bone china with food depicting each letter.

My personal favorite is “R for Ravioli”, although “N for Noodle” is dang cute too. I also like how she has styled the photos with the actual food. Very clever!

D’s plate is fitting (Dessert).

Mine, not so (B is for Breakfast). For those of you who know me, you know i’d rather skip breakfast and go straight to lunch anyday. The only breakfast food i really enjoy is scrambled eggs.

Justnoey also has these very cute polaroid coasters. Spotted at Oh, Hello Friend.


Covers for Boppy August 4, 2010

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For those of you who don’t know, THIS is a Boppy. Its a nursing pillow/baby prop common among many moms these days. It is also something that comes with a cover – and you know what that means: a chance to customize!  With some new babies on the way, i found some cute and soft flannels and thought I’d try my hand at sewing a couple.

Hooowever.  I didn’t want to PAY for a PATTERN! So, I borrowed a cover that a friend already owned, and did a little rudimentary pattern making. Basically, I pressed the cover flat, traced, and then added seam allowances for the edge and zippers. Piece of cake (we’ll see. . . right?)

For talking purposes, the pieces will be labeled as below.

First, I basted and sewed my 24″ metal zipper to the straight side of piece A with a 3/4″ seam allowance.

Then, I sewed the zipper onto piece B, using again a 3/4″ seam allowance. After secured, I folded a generous seam allowance OVER the right side of the zipper to create the flap that hides the zipper itself, and top stitched.

Last part of the zipper: top stitch at piece B to have the zipper lie flat.

Hooray! Zipper in and hidden from view. Although making a more complex pattern, its nice that they have zippers straight across the back instead of around a curve. Less chance of broken zippers that way.

Next step, pin all the way around, with Piece A/B right side to large piece C. Instead of leaving a part of the seam open to turn later, i unzipped about 4″ and used that. Sew all the way around using a 1/2″ seam allowance.

Done! Look at that cute zipper with the hider panel flipped back.

Cozy, Cozy.


The plaid was actually the second cover I made. My wonderful friend Dana let me make her a cover as a trial using this CUUUTE Noah’s Ark Flannel. Here you can see how well the zipper is hidden (although i gave her a LIME GREEN zipper which is quite cute).

I’m working on getting the pattern into some sort of format so i can send around digitally. (Right now its hand drawn on the back of old plans). Probably I’ll be a nerd and draft it into AutoCAD or something. maybe. when it rains.


(One Caveat: Boppys are apparently now being sold with a stretchy band in the center to accommodate a variety of waist sizes. I did notice that the slipcover i was copying had an extra seam with a panel in the center portion that help the fabric lie a little flatter around the middle. While I’m sure this is nice, I wasn’t really into a whole nother few steps, so I simplified.)


CraftY – Washcloth Puppets July 30, 2010

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Back in the spring, when it was supposed to be spring but it really still felt like winter, we went through some mass crafting phase.  We normally reserve such full blown crazyness for the months leading up to December 25th.. but alas we had gifts to give!  {Luckily our living room has since recovered from these activities and summer did come.}

And well, gifts have been given so I am not spoiling any surprises!

One day I was looking through B’s Martha Stewart Sewing book and I saw these adorable puppets that she/her staff had made out of washcloths.

This project makes the perfect gift for a new baby.  It is pretty easy and very inexpensive.

I went to TJMaxx for some towels.  One hand towel will give you one puppet, plus lots of scrap pieces to use on others.  I prewashed all towels after I got them home.  I needed black, white and brown for my project.

You can download the pattern here for the bodies.  I used my own shapes and sizes for the faces though.  

Two dogs for inspiration …

These are the furry siblings to a friend’s baby who will be joining the outside world very soon!  [all photos of actual dogs not made out of cloth via chicpeastudio}

I hand sewed the faces on with different thread colors over washcloth bits used for the muzzle, nose and eyes. 

After the faces were on B helped me sew the two bodies together , including sewing the ears between the front and back of each dog.

Then I played with them in my bestest dog voices.  : ) hehe.


two baby elephants June 18, 2010

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fit only for two babies I can’t wait to meet!

I, D, painted  these for the babies and their nursery.  They already had some blue and pink elephant bedding so these will go with that theme.

: )

I need to paint more.  I love it.  I am also pretty in love with these art boards Blick is selling.  They are maple and precut in a variety of sizes.  They also have a hole drilled out in the back so hanging is super easy!