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a very merry half birthday to … February 13, 2011

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KAYLEE and ETHAN!!!!!!

Can you believe that just six short lil months ago….we blogged here about their birth?

I have been waiting for just this very day to show you the little project that Dana, the babies and I are now halfway through…

How it all started:

Before the kids even were born, both B and I spotted THIS little project of Young House Love‘s.  B even emailed it to baby mom Dana.  We all were like cuuuute, but then the babies birth happened …

It was/is really important to me that K + E know me from a young age and that I spend time with them.  In the early months, mom and dad needed some help too.

So, on the approach to their first month – birthday… I re-emailed Dana the Young House Love project… and said I want to do this for you.

Over the past six months, picture taking has kind of become our little thing.   Okay, fine, slight obession.  Those kids are just so cute, I cannot help myself!  Plus I have been excited about getting more experience in the taking pictures of real people realm. {and I will be the first to say that taking pictures of two babies is challenging. no really challenging.}

But practically, it has become pretty perfect.  I cannot describe to you how excited I get to go spend the day with Dana and the babies.   It’s really perfection.  The kids are awake and happy and the light is great as good as you get in a NW winter.   They nap after their strenuous modeling, and B comes over from work to eat lunch with us.  Dana and I get to chat in the afternoon and play board games until the babies awaken.   It has become such a fun little activity and one that is going to give us so many memories.  Sure, there will be the physical giant picture hanging on the wall for the rest of time, for mom + dad to stare at and admire how little their babies once were.  But, really, I feel so privileged that Dana has allowed me to share some of those real time memories with her.  Like… Ethan nearly punching Kaylee, the stage Ethan went through were laying on his back made him really cry,  the first time they laid there and smiled up at us, Dana singing them goofy songs to get them to smile for the camera, all those times when holding a baby resulted in me having to change my clothes too, dressing them in Christmas outfits and waking them up from a nap because the we were losing the light, photographing under the motto “well, at least they aren’t crying…”  , and a whole lotta snuggling.  I imagine the next six months of this project will involve its own challenges, I’m guessing over increased mobility…

So before you lose interest over reading how fun this has been for me…

Here you go, Kaylee + Ethan, month-by month.   Please click on them for an enlarged view. 🙂


And, my so far all time favorite pictures of each kid……


thanks babies.  :0)

While I did physically hit the shutter on each of these… I literally could not have done it without a huge assist from Dana.  The babies smile more often when someone’s job is making goofy faces at them and singing….

and happy 6 months!


welcome morgan! January 17, 2011

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this weekend we got to meet an adorable new lil baby…..

morgan alorah, born on 1.10.11

congrats to Jo and family! She is perfect and is blessed to have such a terrific big brother!


Two of my favorite words: Christmas and Dessert December 16, 2010

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Its an annual tradition at our church and for our friends…  2009 here…

And hands down what makes my holiday.

This year we had the extra special privilege of going on a Wednesday night, when our church’s senior girls choir performs.  Several of my small group girls are in Bel Canto, and they were SO excited we were coming to see them at their first Bel Canto Christmas dessert performance!

B and I both decorated tables this year.  I took a few pictures, but I would like to make a public shout out to our friend Jo who did a great job photo-documenting this for us.  Sometimes its just hard to talk to all the different friends we have invited, introduce people, see all the other tables, make sure all our candles are lit, AND take pictures of our tables.  So thank you : )

B’s table was a mixture of crisp greens, metallic neutrals, with a vintage tin container full of home grown paperwhites as the centerpiece. Around the flowers were laser cut felt placemats, christmas jars (inspired by Tortoise and the Hare), filled with sugar “snow” and glittered creatures, along with recycled glass votives, and glittered fluted pillars. Simple and clean, but still with the element of nature and whimsy.


B's table from above


Winter Creature Vignettes

Sparkly candle pillars


D’s table was inspired by some Scandinavian collector plates we found at an estate sale in the summer.  Each was different, but all were white and shades of dark blues.    Some had snowy scenes on them and others had images of biblical characters in the Christmas story.  Another woman came up to me at the dessert and asked me where I had ever found them… she has them too, but told me they were all limited edition in the 70s when she got them…  Her and I then bonded over Scandinavian dishware.  🙂

place setting....

The tablecloth was navy, but then I put hand cut snowflakes all over the top in white.  Just plain paper, three different shapes and many sizes.  In the center ran an old Ikea runner, white with red snowflakes.  I used my white candelabra B got me for my birthday a few years ago and loaded it with red candles.  I also made a pedestal/stand out of platter and a candlestick from the Goodwill that I then glittered.  On the pedestal was a glass bowl of ornaments with a branch stuck in it.  The branch featured a few vintage blue and red ornaments on it (a few were my grandma’s and the rest we have found to match..) . 

from above


my tabletop tree

warm candle glow

I then used some candleholders we already had for large and small light throughout.  It is amazing how darling a small candle in a jar can be!  That mixed with my fav Dept 56 birch trees, a few ornaments around from target, and two new additions to my Christmas collection 2010.  Winter birds!  I got a larger one over the summer (he and I may have similar hats…) and B got me a little one for advent at World Market.

sparkly reindeer and winter birds!

Wintery sparkly snowy wonderland!

Thanks all who attended, we certainly love it!

Now off to scheme for 2011!!



Birthday Time October 19, 2010

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You might remember our previous post about little Madeleine. Well, we are happy to report that her recovery is going SO well, she’s regaining more and more leg movement everyday, and most importantly, TODAY is her FIRST BIRTHDAY!!! While I can’t believe a year has gone by so fast, its awesome to get a chance to celebrate this brave little girl who has impacted our lives so much.

Last week, her grandma was in town, so Mom and Dad organized a small birthday party for Madeleine. It was great fun, a chance to do the first cake smash (M loved the smashing but NOT the taste of frosting!), give some gifts, and see her happy and wiggly all over the place.

{here she is mid cake smash..}

{meet M exactly one year ago, here…}

Baby girl is going to be a great fashionista some day because she got all kinds of crazy cute outfits for year 2. We gave her a fun knitted baby beret that we picked up at a Team EtsyRain event, a new dinner plate with fun french words on it (perfect for a baby named Madeleine), and took our hand at a new sewing endeavor: CLOTHES!

Well, lucky for us, baby rompers have pretty simple construction. We followed this free pattern called Vivienne from BurdaStyle and i think it came out pretty well. We used an Amy Butler pattern for the top, a Lightweight gray wool for the body (we are entering fall and winter here, folks!) and a vintage floral pattern for the lining. Finished it off with some coordinating rosettes, and some snaps on the shoulders.All in all, it took the two of us a day to make and it was so fun and rewarding. The best part of the pattern is that its simple but you can customize it many ways, so look for more jumpers coming soon to babies near you!

We picked up some tights in a soft yellow color, so baby will be strutting her stuff any day now!

In other cuteness, one of M’s favorite toys is a sock monkey from Grandpa Steve, so for her birthday he bought her a GIANT sock monkey. The look on her face was priceless, she knows this toy, but didn’t remember it being so huge when she left home this morning!!

Happy very first birthday darling!


Wedding Wreath August 30, 2010

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Last weekend there was a big celebration. Our great friends Jackie and Dave got married, and it was a beautiful day, ceremony, and party.

Mr. and Mrs. Dave and Jackie Wilson!

Their wedding was at a farm in Snohomish, WA, and was full of wonderful DIY touches. Vintage fabric napkin rings (seen below), recipe cards at the table, and upcycled tree ring cake stands made the day truly picturesque. We hope that even though the wedding is over, our crafting nights can continue!

Isn't the barn pretty??

For the front door of the barn, Jackie asked me to reprise last winter’s felt ruffle wreath in a summer version. We used upcycled fabric (bed sheets) acquired at thrift shops. I left the edges unfinished to give a softer, frayed look. I tried a couple different attachment methods (i previously used straight pins into foam for the felt wreaths), but because of the flimsiness of the fabric, i settled on hand sewing each petal in place.  Long story short, I loved making this wreath but I won’t be selling them on etsy 😉

 It looked terrific on the door next to the other warm tones, and i was so glad to be able to contribute to their special day.

Bonus Pic! The twinsies at the wedding.


Roadtrip on the 28th August 28, 2010

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So, today we will be taking an 8+ hour roadtrip back to Washington from the beautiful state of Montana.

Its August 28th.

This is not the first time D and I have headed off into wild blue yonder for a long road trip on August 28th. 5 years ago today we woke up early, turned on the local news, and decided it was probably about time to get our butts out of dodge. And by dodge, I mean the Crescent City.

5 years ago today, we evacuated from Hurricane Katrina. Most of you know the story already, but for those of you who don’t, just picture this:

3 people (Bri, D, and our great friend Kevin)

1 styrofoam cooler (squeak, squeak)

1 bassoon in its case (being rescued for another friend)

all snugly fit into a blue volkswagon bug.

It was quite a day. It took us 10+ hours to drive 300 miles from New Orleans to Tuscaloosa, Alabama (by the way – our initial destination was Tampa, FL and we made it nowhere NEAR the beach). We passed many gas stations out of fuel, many towns too small to have a name or population, and ran for our lives (literally). Needless to say, there was a bit of stress involved.

So, here’s to roadtrips on the 28th. Replicating today was unintentional, but it does seem awfully fitting as a reminder of how far we and New Orleans have come in the last five years. This trip will no doubt be less soggy, and we are blessed enough to have a home to return to when the day is over, which is more than we can say for last time.

These pictures below are from D’s graduation weekend, almost two years after the storm, taken at several of our favorite places in NOLA, Le Crepe Nanou and St. Joe’s (oh, and thats Kevin!). The city was on its way back then, and its come even further now.

Take a minute out of your day to think about the people of New Orleans, their strength and courage, and how terrific the city has become in the wake of this. One great example can be found over at Le Bateau. People wondered at the time of Katrina what would, and maybe what should become of the Big Easy. I think 5 years later its pretty safe to say that New Orleans is one of the most wondrous places anywhere and that perserverence is the name of the game down that-a-way.


celebrating the birthday b August 18, 2010

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and what says birthday more than lots of yummy food? and sunshine?  and mountains?



We went to Boat Street Cafe … we have been wanting to go there for a long time.  We seem to always have been side tracked though… but tonight there was no excuse.

It was the Birthday B’s special day…. and what says “Birthday B” more then a French bistro??

pickle plate = super yum!

seriously the best crab cakes ever. 


post boat street smiles from happy bellies..

and really….

what says Birthday B more then:



Cupcakes: Three ways (via cupcake royale.  of course.)

and a new Vinho Verde Rose….


Happy Birthday B!  Hope you had fun today!!!