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For the mermaid December 16, 2010

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These tights are so cute – in both colors. They would be great for any remaining holiday parties (New Years?) or even into the spring with a flirty skirt.

Spotted over at Design*Sponge


Project Runway finale November 1, 2010

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I don’t even want to write this post.

All I have to say is that i am never watching Lifetime again in protest.

First off — heidi that red pant suit? why o why?

And, Micheal Kors, can you actually see the outfits with those dark sunglasses on inside?

Gretchen, your models need heels.  I was also disappointed you only used those two brown pattern fabrics.  Everything looked the same… Frumpy, hippy-dippy brown…

I loved Andy’s last look, the one he did right before the show with the green pleats.

ug, and that argument at the end … when did this become all about commercial design?  and really.. I just thought there was no contest.  I could not believe Michael Kors was really going for Gretchen.  All they kept harping on was that damn polka dot dress. 

photo via getty images

I was nervous! For everyone that I have talked to, in blogland and real life… it seemed like a slam dunk for Mondo.  His stuff was full of style and personality.  I seriously could not believe they gave the win to Gretchen.

As B said at the end of the night  “I shake my fist at you TV!!!!!!!!!!!”

This is it.  the last post ever on Project Runway or anything on Lifetime.   We are on strike until it returns to Bravo…

What did you all think?  Where you just as upset as we were? If Mondo would have changed that one dress, do you think he would have won?


Friday Cozy October 22, 2010

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I ordered this sweatshirt from LLBean signature a couple weeks back (on sale!) and it showed up while I was in Norfolk for the weekend – so I get to wear it today for the first time. This is my first purchase from the new LL Bean signature collection (their site dedicated to hipper fashion), and i’m dang happy!

Sailor Striped Sweatshirt

While still the coziness of a sweatshirt, the cut is chic enough that i can wear to the office on a Friday and not feel totally frumptastic. Its warm but not suffocating, and has cute nautical charm that I’m (not surprisingly), all about these days.

Check out LLBean Signature, though – totally cute stuff, I’m a happy shopper so far!

[Complete disclosure: I actually wanted to wear my new Saints shirt today, but I couldn’t find it this morning!! boo]


Birthday Time October 19, 2010

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You might remember our previous post about little Madeleine. Well, we are happy to report that her recovery is going SO well, she’s regaining more and more leg movement everyday, and most importantly, TODAY is her FIRST BIRTHDAY!!! While I can’t believe a year has gone by so fast, its awesome to get a chance to celebrate this brave little girl who has impacted our lives so much.

Last week, her grandma was in town, so Mom and Dad organized a small birthday party for Madeleine. It was great fun, a chance to do the first cake smash (M loved the smashing but NOT the taste of frosting!), give some gifts, and see her happy and wiggly all over the place.

{here she is mid cake smash..}

{meet M exactly one year ago, here…}

Baby girl is going to be a great fashionista some day because she got all kinds of crazy cute outfits for year 2. We gave her a fun knitted baby beret that we picked up at a Team EtsyRain event, a new dinner plate with fun french words on it (perfect for a baby named Madeleine), and took our hand at a new sewing endeavor: CLOTHES!

Well, lucky for us, baby rompers have pretty simple construction. We followed this free pattern called Vivienne from BurdaStyle and i think it came out pretty well. We used an Amy Butler pattern for the top, a Lightweight gray wool for the body (we are entering fall and winter here, folks!) and a vintage floral pattern for the lining. Finished it off with some coordinating rosettes, and some snaps on the shoulders.All in all, it took the two of us a day to make and it was so fun and rewarding. The best part of the pattern is that its simple but you can customize it many ways, so look for more jumpers coming soon to babies near you!

We picked up some tights in a soft yellow color, so baby will be strutting her stuff any day now!

In other cuteness, one of M’s favorite toys is a sock monkey from Grandpa Steve, so for her birthday he bought her a GIANT sock monkey. The look on her face was priceless, she knows this toy, but didn’t remember it being so huge when she left home this morning!!

Happy very first birthday darling!


nola pride October 1, 2010

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This weekend we have one of our favorite ladies coming up from Portland for a couple days full of crafting, cooking, and enjoying beautiful fall weather. On Sunday i hope to sneak in a few minutes of football to see our Seahawks trample the Rams!

While we root for the Seahawks first, our pending trip to New Orleans is reminding us to always cheer for our other team – those Who Dat Saints. Yesterday I got this new T-shirt design from Dirty Coast in my inbox, and might just have to pick one up when i’m in town next week. So cute!


(next) spring September 14, 2010

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La La LOVE this gown from Christian Siriano Spring 2011 Collection from New York Fashion week.

Photo credit NY Times

Turquoise. Brown. Fun Print. Ruffles. Folds. I mean, this has B written ALL OVER IT.

Must find invite to black tie event stat. Probably too formal for the Navy ball, eh?


Fashion Show May 7, 2009

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I hadn’t heard until tonight – but it looks like Bravo is replacing their lost Project Runway with a new fashion-based reality series, the Fashion Show. Hmm. Hosted by Isaac Mizrahi and Kelly Roland (the “not beyonce” one. . ) this show has the potential to be either hilariously good or very very annoying.


 Image courtesy of

So far we’ve watched the first 2 minutes and it seems pretttty crazy. I’ll give it a chance, but i’m still longing to get Project Runway back on its new channel.