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Disney Night Out January 13, 2010

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On Monday night we went to see the Princess and the Frog, and lets just say it swept me off my feet. We both went to school in New Orleans, and they had the setting SPOT ON. The accents of each character were perfect (from uptown toddler to cajun swamp dweller) and the locations were totally transporting. Really really terrific job, Disney folks.

Of course I couldn’t find a screen shot of my FAVORITE scene, but I’ll describe it. When Tiana and Price Naveen (both as frogs) are looking for a way out of their mess they go to find swamp voodoo queen Mama Odie, who lives in an abode that is eerily similar to that of Pirates of the Caribbean Dead Man’s Chest. But, after she is done doing her voodoo queen song and dance number, they step out onto her balcony and she has HUNDREDS of colored glass bottles hanging from the tree branches with sunlight streaming through them. Its like a wonderful upcycled disco club. Dreamy 🙂

Favorite character by far was Ray, the toothless Cajun firefly (lightning bug?). So cheery and optimistic, and his love affair with Evangeline is just so goofy sweet it HAS to make you smile.

The movie was so great, i would see it again and again. Perfect representation of the culture of New Orleans (music, gumbo, rich saturated colors, and dark undertones), fun music, great storyline. When it comes out on DVD expect to be invited over for accompanying jambalya and hurricanes. I also really loved that it was set in the 20’s and everyone is in cute flapper dresses. There is a great art deco animation series when Tiana is singing about opening her restaurant that is graphically awesome.

[ps. i just noticed i didn’t include a single picture of either a princess OR a frog in this post. too distracted by the cartoon architecture, obviously]

All images from Disney Motion Pictures