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Flourish Seattle March 2, 2011

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Wow, Wednesday already?

This has been a terrific week so far, as I was on a mini vacation to visit one of my very best friends, her husband, and 21 month old daughter in southern Utah. There was a little bit of sunshine, a lot of toddler energy, and some great catching up.

I wanted to give a quick shout out to an event thats happening this weekend – a Seattle area blogger meet up hosted by Maggie and Michaela. We’re going to swing by with the hopes of meeting some awesome local bloggers and to bounce ideas off one another. If this sounds interesting to you, or as Michaela puts it, “you blog and like pretty things”, send an RSVP to the address listed below and come hang out 🙂

Don’t be intimidated by “Home Decor” bloggers, you know we don’t stay in that genre only. I think if you are inspired by design, this should be an interesting event.

Hopefully this will be the first in a series of great networking events. Plus, we’ll be heading out in lower queen after for some Mardi Gras revelry, so it should be a fun night!


A Thursday Chuckle February 24, 2011

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Thursdays are tough, eh? Especially when on Wednesday night you had so convinced yourself it would be a snow day, and then you woke up to a measly 2″ and clear roadways. boo.

This nyt article about Nate Berkus decorating Dr. Ruth’s apartment lightened my afternoon. Its both charming and hilarious. Have a read.

Photo credit: New York Times


Christmas from coast to coast January 6, 2011

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Since we took the holidays off from blogland (mostly), and D has shared her experiences from the North Pole, I’m going to take a day to savor and share with you Christmas here in Washington.


Out the window Christmas Morning

My family celebrates both Christmas Eve and Christmas Day, bookended with cozy family meals on both ends. In between, we open gifts, watch movies, play games, and enjoy the scenery. A festive time for sure.

This year for Christmas Eve feasting we wanted to keep things simple: tomato soup and grilled cheese, done up fancy for the holiday. I made this panini and it was delicious, although I was too liberal with the artichoke spread, I’d suggest keeping it light.  Also, i swapped out radicchio for arugula, and that was just fine. I also made a brussels sprouts salad as a side, with apple and a lemon vinagrette.


Prosciutto, Arugula, Artichoke Panini

Fresh brussel sprout salad

For Christmas morning breakfast, my mom whipped up a smoked salmon, dungeness crab, and dill frittata, similar to this recipe. DEEEEELISH!

Simple satisfying frittata

Every year my aunt decorates the house with a theme of decorations. Since she and my grandmother live on a beach, this year’s theme was undersea with holiday sparkle. From glittered clam shells, to felt fishies, to ribbon jellyfish, the decorations were amazing, beautiful, and cohesive. The house was a-glitter with turquoise, copper, and white.

Hand sewn and beaded felt fish

Coppery Jellyfish


Seascape mantle

Glassy tablescape

So many wonderful detals!

And to make it even more impressive, she hand-made all the the ornaments! To fill out the scheme, she found a wicker clamshell at the thrift store, spray painted copper, and added a pearl for extra whimsy!

Christmas Pearl!

Underwater holidays

We finished the holiday by meeting up with the rest of the family, and I’m sad I didn’t get any good pictures of Christmas Day itself 😦 You’ll have to imagine the festivities!


Peace on Christmas morning

Hope all had a very wonderful holiday and a happy happy new year. Any fun holiday 2010 stories to share?

If you want a trip down memory lane, photos of Christmas 2009 here and here.


Two of my favorite words: Christmas and Dessert December 16, 2010

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Its an annual tradition at our church and for our friends…  2009 here…

And hands down what makes my holiday.

This year we had the extra special privilege of going on a Wednesday night, when our church’s senior girls choir performs.  Several of my small group girls are in Bel Canto, and they were SO excited we were coming to see them at their first Bel Canto Christmas dessert performance!

B and I both decorated tables this year.  I took a few pictures, but I would like to make a public shout out to our friend Jo who did a great job photo-documenting this for us.  Sometimes its just hard to talk to all the different friends we have invited, introduce people, see all the other tables, make sure all our candles are lit, AND take pictures of our tables.  So thank you : )

B’s table was a mixture of crisp greens, metallic neutrals, with a vintage tin container full of home grown paperwhites as the centerpiece. Around the flowers were laser cut felt placemats, christmas jars (inspired by Tortoise and the Hare), filled with sugar “snow” and glittered creatures, along with recycled glass votives, and glittered fluted pillars. Simple and clean, but still with the element of nature and whimsy.


B's table from above


Winter Creature Vignettes

Sparkly candle pillars


D’s table was inspired by some Scandinavian collector plates we found at an estate sale in the summer.  Each was different, but all were white and shades of dark blues.    Some had snowy scenes on them and others had images of biblical characters in the Christmas story.  Another woman came up to me at the dessert and asked me where I had ever found them… she has them too, but told me they were all limited edition in the 70s when she got them…  Her and I then bonded over Scandinavian dishware.  🙂

place setting....

The tablecloth was navy, but then I put hand cut snowflakes all over the top in white.  Just plain paper, three different shapes and many sizes.  In the center ran an old Ikea runner, white with red snowflakes.  I used my white candelabra B got me for my birthday a few years ago and loaded it with red candles.  I also made a pedestal/stand out of platter and a candlestick from the Goodwill that I then glittered.  On the pedestal was a glass bowl of ornaments with a branch stuck in it.  The branch featured a few vintage blue and red ornaments on it (a few were my grandma’s and the rest we have found to match..) . 

from above


my tabletop tree

warm candle glow

I then used some candleholders we already had for large and small light throughout.  It is amazing how darling a small candle in a jar can be!  That mixed with my fav Dept 56 birch trees, a few ornaments around from target, and two new additions to my Christmas collection 2010.  Winter birds!  I got a larger one over the summer (he and I may have similar hats…) and B got me a little one for advent at World Market.

sparkly reindeer and winter birds!

Wintery sparkly snowy wonderland!

Thanks all who attended, we certainly love it!

Now off to scheme for 2011!!



Pretty tables December 9, 2010

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With table decor on my mind – our annual womens’ christmas dessert was last night and D and I both hosted tables – I came across these pretty modern tables and had to share.

Love both of these seen at you are my fave. Rich colors, modern lines. mmmmm.

Can’t wait to share pics of our fun night last night!


An owl in the house January 24, 2010

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remember this little guy that kept cropping up at estate sales and blogs? well, he’s come to live with us!

so darling on his little perch

my friend Jo knew i needed a little cheering up after finding out Erik wasn’t coming home right away, so she tracked down the cute Avon owl and gave it to me as an early Christmas gift.

winter white

SO cute and perfect for cheering up the window sill, mantle, or centerpiece in during these long January days. Thanks, Jo!

in such great condition


crafting: evergreen trees January 17, 2010

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remember the other day?  when I told you we repurpose our Christmas tree trunks?

{and now remember you probably thought, d, you are crazy?}

Well let me show you what I made during the month of December as presents for a few very important people….

Evergreen Trees for the winter months:

That’s right, these go beautifully on your winter tablescape… (as well as forests surrounding your Christmas villages)…

You will need three different height pieces of trunk.  (recommended 5, 9 and 12″ in height.)  All the cuts need to be clean and you may need to trial and error their ability to stand up.  Don’t worry if there are stubbles of branches or anything, that actually ends up being really great.

You will also need a hot glue gun and some green felt.  I use anywhere from 3-4 different shades of green.  I also get that nice wool felt from the store and look for ones with color variations within the fibers.

I pre-cut some felt into rectangles so that I can glue all at the same time.  Pieces should be between 1/2 and an inch wide AND 1.25″ and 1.75″ in length.  Variations in sizes amongst colors is best!

{bowl of felt rectangles}


{beginning the third of my lil group}

Now I cut one large triangle out of felt to use as my glue-ing base.  Use your trunk to measure the size of this and tack it onto your wood trunk.  Leave the bottom flaired out, like you are putting a skirt on your tree. {see how actually having the beginning of branches like in the example above would help?}

 Then, you start from the bottom.  Put glue on one of the short sides of your felt piece and attach to the  felt background.  Continue, but remember to overlap your pieces.  Also remember to use all the colors randomly and work all the way around your trees.

Tops can be as pointy as you would like.  Use some of the smaller rectangles to overlap up there.

I made lots for friends and family, but the idea really took flight last winter when I made some for me !

Here they are:

{remember where this lil owl is from?}

And here they are as part of our winter mantle this month….


who knows, maybe we will even one day get some snow!