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whew! October 15, 2010

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B and I have been pretty darn busy lately.  What else is new i suppose…..

It has been mostly good busy though.  We have been neglecting the house a little though…just friends and fun events and work and all that jazz have gotten in the way a bit. 

It’s ok though.  Because it has been so much fun lately.  It makes me miss those homey activities, which is actually kind of nice.  (it will make it that much more enjoyable when we have a little free time!)

Plus I am like yay fall lately which is a nice change of attitude. (this may have something to do with the fact that i am going to see a ton of fall this weekend and relax with some of my favoritest people..)

Oh, and the fact that I found somewhere in Washington state that makes apple cider doughnuts.  Must find sunny crisp day to go.

Oh, and I am also like yay fall because our dahlias are still blooming like crazyness.

We are nearing 3 months of bloom time here and its glorious.  Fall, but still some pretty blooms.  I went out back tonight and they were just exploding.  I merely clipped a few for the dining room…..

But the orangeyness brings fall and summer a little closer to me.


sunny summer weekend lunch July 18, 2010

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my fav

fresh taco

on a tortilla place:

some grilled white fish, tomato, avocado, cabbage, a smidge of sour cream, with a lime juiced on top and a pinch of salt.

only enjoy in the backyard oasis, in the sun.  adirondack preffered.

good book optional.  first dahlia blooms of the season encouraged.



oh dahlias, you are the bestest. September 29, 2009

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For one of our last summer weekends, we joined our friend Jackie  at the Seattle Conservatory for her birthday.  We took a great walk around the grounds… which that weekend included a Conservatory plant sale and my favorite late summer flower in full bloom.

It was sunny and warm and we ended off the day with a birthday panini of brie, apple, and lavender honey at the Volunteer Park Cafe.  YUM!

So, here you go, a posty-in-pictures:


I SPY WITH MY LITTLE EYE…. the space needle!




3-BLOGPSD copy

That picture in the middle of the group above is my favorite.  It might get a home in my room.

4-BLOGPSD copy


I want DAHLIAs in my new yard….


fun fun fun!