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20 in 20 March 4, 2011

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Abbey over at Aesthetic Outburst is doing a great series of projects called 20 in 20. It all started doing 20 handmade Christmas ornaments in 20 days, then evolved into 20 handmade valentines in 20 days. Now, she’s doing 20 handmade projects in 20 days. The best part of it all? She gives them all away! All you have to do is leave a comment on the project you like, and winners are randomly selected from that posts’ commenters. So fun!

For this larger installment, the project evolved to be more of a blog community project, and Ravenna Girls Vintage is excited to be sponsoring the project. We felt that it was a great way to support handmade, and simple measures of creativity. I love that its a showcase for how much you can accomplish in one little project with simple materials and easy methods. Go check it out.

So far, some of my favorites from all 3 of her series (Christmas, Valentines, and Spring Handmade)

Pendleton Glacier Blanket Pencil Box. Totally up my alley.

Security Envelope and Washi Tape Blank Notebooks

Felt flag Valentine (this was what initially inspired my Pencil flag Valentines)

Dala Horse Valentine

Heart Rocks!

North Pole Map Ornament

Reindeer Ornament

Also, her blog is awesome not just for cute handmade giveaways, but also in general. I love that she’s nicknamed her kids “Kicky” and “EZ E”.


Security Envelope Valentines February 13, 2011

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The other night, I found some random supplies and decided to throw together some Valentines as simple little treats for my friends. Here’s a quick little pictorial. These could be easily adapted for other holidays depending on the type things you have lying around. They are SUPER quick and would make a great teacher valentine if you’re last minute like I usually am.

I’ve had some security envelopes stashed away to use as backgrounds and paper accents, and they were perfect for this! One envelope made 7 valentines.

The tape is japanese fabric sticky-back tape from Daiso (the japanese dollar store). You could also use Washi tape or follow this tutorial to make your own fabric tape.

I freehanded hearts from the fabric tape. Don’t worry too much about getting a perfect heart shape, they will be more whimsical this way 😉

After placing the hearts on each patterned flag, I used a red pen to integrate the heart into a message. Some of them said ” You’re a Sweet ❤ ” or had the heart in a thought bubble. Then I glued each paper flag to a regular #2 pencil, covering the logo. I always like giving a little useful giftie, and who doesn’t get excited about a crisp new pencil?

A goofy but cute little treat! Enjoy whats left of your day and give someone in your life a little extra love on this special day.


{PS – can anyone teach me how to insert a cute heart into my post in wordpress? I’ve searched, but I’m HTML illiterate and am not able to make it work. Something tells me the ❤ is a little outdated these days. . .}


Holiday Handmade {2010} January 24, 2011

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Oh man. Here it is almost February (!!), and we still haven’t had a chance to share with you some of the fun handmade gifts we gave for Christmas this year. We’ve been doing so much looking forward, which has been very productive for us so far in 2011, but lets take an evening to look back.

We always try to make and give a variety of handmade gifts that we hop the recipients will find useful, fun, and beautiful. 2010 was no exception. Both of us made lists throughout the fall trying to brainstorm what people would really love. So without further adieu, we’ll share a few of these with you.

Vintage Fabric Sailor’s Knot Bracelet

I followed this etsy tutorial, but before winding the cord I sewed vintage plaid fabric around 1/3 of the length to give a little bit of whimsy and interest.

Painted Enamel Fountain Glasses

By using a baked-on hard enamel paint on top of whimsical glasses found at TJ Maxx, D was able to create a set for a family of 4 to enjoy next summer.

Waterproof Beach Bags

I found and modified this pattern, using waterproof vinyl outdoor fabric both inside and out, to make waterproof beach storage bags. One for brother, one for sister. Heavy duty zippers for the kiddos.

Sparkly beach wreath

Perfect for the front door of a beach cottage to give it that holiday glitz (although it could really be for any season). Shells were collected on Washington beaches throughout the year, then glittered with a combination of fine Martha glitters.

Holiday Headbands

D made a batch of these wool felt holly headbands for her youth group girls so they could all be as festive as her, the Christmas Captain. The holly berries were made easier with this fun Clover Needle felting template we found at our local fabric store.

Tea Towel Apron

An easy pattern, I modified a pre-sewn turquoise tea towel with some Amy Butler fabric and chocolate grosgrain ribbon. Then, I embroidered the initials of some very special twinsies in the pockets to keep them near to mom’s heart while she’s baking cookies.

Holiday Yarn Wreath

Last but not least, a very festive version of our yarn wreaths, this one with jingle bells and a big felt Christmas bow. Wrapped up like a present!

There were more that we didn’t get photos of (yeah, we go overboard). But hopefully we can get some shots and share those throughout the year.

Hope everyone is recovering from the holiday crafting binge nicely. Anyone have any fun projects to share? We can’t WAIT to get started on next year where we have goals to make even more gifts by hand!


2011 Crafty Inspiration January 9, 2011

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One of our goals for 2011 is to make even more of the gifts we give. We can’t help loving to give gifts, so we’ll focus on creating even more of these ourselves. These are the books that I received for the holidays that we will have on-hand to help with crafty inspiration.

Sew and Stow by Betty Oppenheimer

I will probably make myself a few things from this book at the start of the year to get ORGANIZED (another 2011 goal) to create the rest.

The Knitters Year by Debbie Bliss

Simple and modern quick projects, and lots of them (52 projects, one for each week).

One-yard Wonders by Rebecca Yaker

Again, lots of projects for lots of inspiration (101 in total), and a great source of inspiration for fabric leftovers.

Felt Furnishings by Anne Kyyro Quinn

This one has been in our house for 2010, but I want to keep it further toward the front of the stack because it has some simple and modern projects that I really love.

Update: HOW could I forget this one?

Wild and Wonderful Fleece Animals by Linda Carr.

All the kiddos around me are going to be receiving ZOOs full of these adorable fleece creatures.


Also, I received a couple small books that will serve the utilitarian purpose of solving my novice-sewer problems:

The Sewing Answer Book by Barbara Weiland Talbert

A comprehensive little bible, looks like it should provide answers in a pinch.

Directory of Quilting Techniques by Caroline Rodriques

I’ve had this and this on my radar for awhile, and in 2011 I may try my hand at some simple manageable quilts (crazy!), and this book should be a good primer.

Looks like it’ll be another busy crafting year. What books are inspiring you for 2011?


Hard at work December 3, 2010

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Despite a decent online presence (D got a droid for her b-day!), we have been busy as Santa’s Little Elves the last two weeks prepping for this craft show of ours and the holiday season in general. Thank goodness for snow and flexible work hours, or else we’d be way behind – but for now I think we’re generally prepared!

We kicked off the Holiday season by listed a slew of new items on etsy (both handmade and vintage),especially those for folks doing holiday décor. We learned our lesson last year that you really have to start listing these things around Halloween or you might miss those ahead of the game.

With our online shops squared away, we’ve been toiling in our newly organized craft room (!!) crafting some or standby products and some new things. What will we have for sale on Saturday?

Wood Gift Tags, Ornaments, and Advent Calendar sets: Upcycled from Christmas trees of years past and wood burned with rustic design for simpleholiday décor.

Map Bookmarks: Nautical themed bookmarks from vintage sailing charts

Felt Headbands

Soy Candles: Vintage mugs with vibrant colored soy wax

Felt Bow Brooches: Adorable, eh?

Yarn Wreaths: Both Holiday themed and all-season with vintage yarns, buttons, and felt embellishments

And friends, that’s just the tip of the iceberg. Over the next two days, we need to finalize our displays,make price tags, and get everything organized and ready to go. Plus, part of the sale is a bake sale tobenefit teen programming at the RECC, so we need to be busy in the kitchen as well!

Plus PLUS: we some exciting out of town visitors making a surprise appearance this weekend, so we’ll be menu scheming while our hands are busy.

Back to regularly scheduled holiday programming after the sale. If you or someone you know is in the neighborhood, stop by the Ravenna Eckstein community center and see all the great artists participating. We checked out the vendor list, and there are going to be some goodies, that’s for sure! Entrance to the RECC is off 65th Ave NE (we got lost our first time).


Danger November 24, 2010

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Today I discovered a wonderful but very, very dangerous blog.

Its called Prudent Baby and it contains a ton of free craft tutorials, most all of which are VERY cute. You can sort by type of craft, and so far I’ve really only been through sewing and my holiday to-do list is overflowing (especially for those bambinas on the block!).

Some of my faves (don’t worry, I’m not giving anything away!):

Girls' Capelet

Embroidered Clock

Watercolor silhouettes

Sleep Shorts

Bow headband

Check it out, you won’t be disappointed. If anything, you’ll be like me and add a trillion new fun gift ideas to your list.

(psst: for those of you with infants, she has a whole section on things to do with leftover baby food jars)


Time to get festive! November 16, 2010

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Big News!

the Ravenna Girls have been accepted to our very first craft show. While it might seem like one more thing to add to a crazy holiday schedule, we found a local neighborhood show that should be the perfect place for us to get started with non-online sales.

The craziest part is that it is coming up in just a couple weeks, so we’ve been working to beef up our inventory and with that comes crafting and with THAT comes an early influx of festive music. I’m fully feeling the festive Christmas spirit early this year and already there is so much eye candy around the web to get your mind started. One of my faves so far is the new digital issue of Sweet Paul Magazine. I’ve clipped my highlights to get your Christmas heart a-fluttering!

Bright and cheery wrappings

These wrappings would be gifts in themselves!

Awesome idea for repurposing sweaters

Light and modern ideas for a holiday brunch

Head over to Sweet Paul to check out more holiday delights. Light a fire, turn on your holiday tunes, and get into the season!

Also, if you live in the Seattle area mark your calendars for the Ravenna Holiday Craft Show.