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Shopping in Calgary October 26, 2009

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Whilst in Calgary, I had several hours between ceremony and reception to explore some of the recommendations I found on Design*Sponge Calgary Design Guide. It was FREEZING out, so i pretty much had to run from storefront to storefront, but it was great to get out and walk around a bit.

I started in the morning in the Kensington neighborhood which was nearby the church. I had a great cappucino, then stumbled upon this great little vintage home decor and gift store called Honey B’s (and the name was so fitting!). I picked up a few butterfly refrigerator magnets and ogled some vintage glassware that i wish i could have carried on the plane. In Kensington i also found Urban Barn which is apparently a Canada staple. Great little place – according to one wedding guest they sell metal mooses should you ever be in the market (although same wedding guest advises against trying to carry these on the plane).


After the ceremony i stupidly decided to walk back to my hotel (it didn’t look that far on the map!) in a dress with no tights. After promptly changing back into jeans and cowboy boots (when in rome.  .  . ) , I hopped a cab to the design district. I started at Chintz + Co. The best way to describe this place was like Pier 1 on crack. Flowers, candles, lighting, home accessories, everywhere! I snagged a couple Christmas gifts (can’t post for fear of ruining the surprise), but i also took a few snapshots of some pretty pieces. Loving the driftwood mirror and the capiz chandelier. MMM beachy.




Then, my find of the weekend: NOOD, which stands for New Objects Of Desire. Think. . . CB2 + Ikea + West Elm and you get nood. Affordable, clever. . .wonderful. And, cleverly, they have a membership program where you get to be called a noodist. If only i lived in Canada. Picked up a few clearance items that were plane-worthy (again, can’t ruin the surprise), ogled a bunch of furniture and tableware, and told myself I’d be back soon.


Walked back to the hotel from there and passed a few fun things on the way



It was a great fall afternoon of wandering and exploring and I found a few fun treasures to bring home. I would have like to make it to some of the thrift stores on the Design*Sponge guide – but alas, i had pierogis to eat 😉


My first Pierogi October 13, 2009

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Weekend before last, I flew to Calgary for the wedding of my wonderful high school friend, Laura. She went to high school with me in Seattle, then to Toronto for undergrad (she is a native Canuck), then the University of Calgary for grad school where she met her fiance, Derek. They hosted a wonderful fall (winter!) wedding in downtown Calgary, and although i was nervous to go alone i had a great time!

100 year old Hillcrest United Church

100 year old Hillcrest United Church

Mr. & Mrs. Teterenko!

Mr. & Mrs. Teterenko!

The day started out with a beautiful church ceremony in a 100 year old Elizabethan inspired church in the Kensington neighborhood. I got a chance to walk the neighborhood in the morning – more on that in a shopping post! Froze my patootie off, as it was highs in the low 40s that day.
The reception started early evening at the Calgary Chamber of Commerce, another beautiful historic building. As Derek and Laura both have Ukranian heritage (as does a LOT of Canada, i learned), there were a lot of eastern european influences at the reception. For example, i was seated at a table with 7 of Derek’s childhood friends who hail from Winnepeg. Awesome and hilarious bunch of people, all with Ukranian roots. The waiter brought a bowl of dumplings to our table and they all got very excited. Until i asked “what are those?”
Please note that this is A pierogi, not MY pierogi. I was too busy being heckled to take any photos of my meal. Image via SonicWalker's Photostream

Please note that this is A pierogi, not MY pierogi. I was too busy being heckled to take any photos of my meal. Image via SonicWalker's Photostream

Apparently its a crime never to have eaten a pierogi. I mean, i’ve had gyoza, ravioli, empanadas, american dumplings, all sorts of other dough wrapped treats, but i guess i’d never had a pierogi. Pretty much they stood up and decided to announce this to the WHOLE reception who then waited with bated breath until i took my first bite and declared Thumbs Up (i didn’t really have a choice, i mean, Derek’s grandmother cooked them herself and FLEW them from Winnepeg to Calgary) But, they were delicious.
In addition to the pierogi I also polka-d my butt off and learned how to sing “Many Happy Years” in Ukranian Russian. It was quite fun!
Chasing the Garter

Chasing the Garter

Those Canadian’s know hoow to throw a party! The polka didn’t die down until after 1 am! Lets just say this, they brought out MORE food around 11 pm because it had been so long since dinner.
I had a really great time and i am so happy for Laura and Derek. Hopefully I’ll be back to Calgary next year for Stampede!
the bride and I: congrats, Laura!!!

the bride and I: congrats, Laura!!!

 Stay tuned for a follow up post on Shopping in Calgary!


Autumn in Calgary October 1, 2009

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Calgary Tower in 1968. Via Sherlock77's Photostream

Calgary Tower in 1968. Via Sherlock77's Photostream

Does anyone have any tips on fun eateries/design shops in Calgary? I’m headed there for a wedding of a high school friend this weekend but it looks like i’ll have a little bit of time to explore.

I will, of course, be utilizing Design*Sponge’s Calgary City Guide. The ceremony is in Kensington so i think i’ll spend Saturday morning over that-a-way, but i have some time in between ceremony and reception. Chintz + Company and a walk through Princes Island Park are calling my name.

Let me know if there are any places I can’t miss.