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Thursday Lovelies October 28, 2010

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Thursdays are always the toughest (so close to Friday but just not there!) and today the rain is back. To make matters worse, last night I went to a crazy intense yoga class that was led like a football skills clinic. I kid you not at one point the guy actually referred to our series of poses as a “drill”. Ugh, SO not the relaxed focused workout I had been looking for, and I am hurting this morning.

So, to temper things, I’m going to post some pretty bathroom inspiration photos from Sunset/My Home Ideas. I’ve been working with my parents to come up with ideas for their master bathroom remodel and these are some beautiful things I’ve found along the way. Enjoy.

Ladder is so cute!


Love the river rock around the tub


Not so plausible with neighbors 10' away, but perfect for a getaway house


I like the midcentury flair of this one

Oh, and also, loving this crate shelf on casters spotted at Door Sixteen:

Great project for thrifted fruit crates


Bathroom Redesign May 1, 2010

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We owed you this post awhile ago. Months ago, actually. The bathroom was one of the major “must do”s before we actually started living in the house, so we tackled it almost first in the grand scheme of Summer 2009 house remodel. Tiling the shower was the main goal, remember this post?, since the house came with thin plastic tile glued directly to the plaster (ick!). We accomplished that task while D’s dad was in town in July.


D’s dad took our hole in the wall and framed it out for a medicine cabinet… complete with two adjustable birch shelves.

We then found this jem at the REstore in Seattle.  It fit perfectly!

Then, we sanded down the white paint… look how great it fits!  After this picture, we sanded more and put a simple clear coat on the door.  That plus some new hinges… and its perfect!

Without further adieu, below are the after pictures. The final pieces of the design came together with Sherwin Williams Semi-gloss paint in Lakeshore, a vintage sconce fixture from the REstore as well.  We heart architectural salvage!

Does that whale look familiar?? You can read more about him here.

We filled out the design with a bunch of accessories we already had. Blythe gave me the Turkish tray for my birthday two years ago. The striped bamboo towels are from Target and i have had for awhile now. also, the artwork was posters picked up from traveling and a photo simply printed on an inkjet printer in a glossy painted vintage frame.

Here’s another shot of the Before so you can compare.


a special guest…. August 10, 2009

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he has appeared here before. 

he thought it was super cool he was on the internet.

little did he know…

i mean seriously, it is he who you should be thanking that b and i have been walking around clean.    who is the mystery guy in charge of the ability to shower around here?

Remember this post

will I make the internet?

will I make the internet?

My (D’s) dad.

He so nicely flew all the way from the other coast to help out around here.  Why is he so valuable, you might ask??  Yes he is my dad.  But he also is a contractor and the handy-ist person I know. 

I mean, don’t get me wrong, me and B got mad skills yo can do just about anything.  But we can do about ten times more things (and usually correctly the first or second time) with my dad around.

So, here is the first shot of the bathroom for you all…

house833ne95th 015

Apologizes for the lack of bathroom before shots.  Are you wondering what the shower tile looked like?   Don’t worry, i remember!  First of all a bunch of it was falling off the wall.  Oh, and it was not tile either.  It was plastic 4 x4 pieces that had been directly glued to the plaster behind them and then had been painted (yes painted) white.  Oh, and in case that was not a pretty enough picture for you. imagine the plastic pieces also coming in a great burgandy border. 

I know right!  To make it better, also imagine some black mold on the plaster.   Ya know that’s what happens when you glue plastic to plaster. 

Before my dad got to town we had removed all the “tile” and all the plaster from the tub to the ceiling.  That was messy.  It took days.  And tall people.

plaster gone!

plaster gone!

B then researched some backer board options for us, and after careful thought and recommendations we went with DensShield by Georgia Pacific.  The moisture barrier was on the acrylic coating of the one side which loosely equates to a house without mold.  (B and I no longer live in houses with mold, didn’t ya know?)

We had all the supplies at our fingertips when my dad showed up.  He wakes up early, is motivated by cookies, salmon, and coffee from the 7-11 down the street.    🙂  but for that low low price, he is so quick.  All three of us in an hour had put up the backer board.  Measuring, cutting, screwing in and then taping.  Oh, and while he was at it, he put in this awesome shelf so our shampoo could live somewhere.  Seriously?  I mean by lunch we had over half the shower tiled and I had to spend a good thirty minutes with the cable guy explaining some things and listening to him tell me how to use this new box we still don’t really understand.   

look at the shelf!

look at the shelf!

Anywho, B and I had so much fun gluing in a bunch of tiles.  See?  My dad would go and cut some more to go around edges or the shelf… and it was just soooo quick!

tiling pups

The tile is 4×16 matte hung vertically with Delorean Grey grout.

The end of the story is that by the end of the evening we were grouting.  Yeah you heard me.  We started with nothing, and that night we got to shower.  Hm.  Maybe thats how he works so fast.  No shower til he finished!

one left!

one left!

july 014

post grout

post grout

That is day one of four even.  Four days of this efficiency and coffee breaking activity.  CrazyCRazy CRazy.

thanks dad.  for this and for all that other stuff you did too.  (don’t worry, you will see, just wait!)

Night all, off to shower now!


two sinks. . . and a day at the design center May 20, 2009

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 A few weekends ago we attended a special event at the Seattle Design Center featuring a panel discussion with several local designers and Vern Yip – our fave from Trading Spaces of the past and now the HGTV show Deserving Design. It was a great panel format where they took audience “Design Dilemmas” ahead of time, pulled out of a bag, and answered on-the-spot. They had advice on everything from color schemes, window treatments at vaulted ceilings, and wallpaper removal. Vern was funny and personable – it was a great event!

arc 082

Before the panel we had a chance to walk around to some of the showrooms that were open and we snapped a few shots of things we loved. I think its obvious that we are craving summer and paying homage to our Nordic love because we were drawn to mostly bent-ply fixtures, furniture, and nature motifs.

arc 070

arc 072

I particularly loved this summer-y bench with removable trays and cushion. Perfect for entertaining outdoors – I want!

arc 068

Also, we came across two sink/vanity fixtures that we LOVED in the case we decide to swap out the pedestal sink that is in our new house. Both of these combine modern with nature, natural wood, clean ceramic (well, in the one case). The first fixture by sonia was very European, clean, and small.


The second was bent-ply (!!!) and BEEAUTIFUL. We voiced our concerns about the durability of the piece, but they claim it does alright. I think we’d need to do some more research, given that we’ll only have 1 bath at our new house for us and for guests. . .i’d be afraid of brushing my teeth in that beauty!


Finished up the afternoon with some more nature inspiration. . . LOVE the sketched walls (that’s the architect in me talking)

arc 077

arc 058

arc 071

arc 061