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Monthly Mantel – February February 16, 2011

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We have been dying to start a new little post series on RG where we feature our mantel.  We change it often enough, let’s be serious… But we didn’t just want a holiday to be the only reason we show you our mantel.

with pops of color from red tapers, and glowing tea lights in jars….

and these fun “woodland creatures” from the Martha Stewart line at Macy’s.   Most of them I got from my mom for Christmas this year.  They were simply too cute to put away so soon!

{yes, that one is a puffin.  we are aware that in the real world, it does not often hang with moose in the woods.  But Martha has it hanging with the woodland creatures, so why can’t we?}

We have turned the living room  into ‘winter’ wonderland…. So much Christmas stuff really never lets us fully enjoy winter.  The snow, the quiet, the cozy nights by the fire…  This year we put up our winter village on the bookcase.  Brightly colored houses with white roofs keep the outside from looking so dreary…


What do you have on your mantel/around the house these days? 

And, speaking of winter…. it looks like we might not be done yet…..

This excites me.  Evening with snow falling in front of the fire…. yes please!     I am skeptical thought, because apparently according to this its raining today… and its actually sunny.  so, who knows….


Fresh Read February 7, 2011

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Last weekend Michaels was having a one day only sale from 4 -8 pm. We had a running list of project needs and so we headed to our closest store to pick up some discounted goodies. Being that the sale was for limited time, the line for checkout was quite long. So, we did what any curious minded crafters do in line, we read through all the fun project magazines.

One in particular caught my eye: Fresh Home. This quarterly magazine is sort of a twist on DIY magazine meets Real Simple with project ideas, recipes, travel suggestions,  and overall decorating tips. Its a good one, and at first I thought “a ha! a new shelter magazine!” But, it turns out, Fresh Home has been published quarterly since Spring 2009. Huh. I’m surprised I don’t see more mentions on other design blogs about, because it really does have some simple and wonderful ideas.

I think we will plan to subscribe. Right now we only receive Martha Stewart Living and Sunset Magazine, since we know its a slippery slope when it comes to having glossy pretty pictures waiting in your mailbox after a long day of architecting (or whatever it is we do).

Anyway, if you’re looking for something new to read or some new fun projects, Fresh Home seems to be a good bet. There is one particular project in the Winter 2011 that has me VERY excited and hopefully I will be sharing soon. In the meantime, these other articles from their blog caught my eye:

How to hang artwork using picture rail (its the only way we do it here in the Lemon House!)

Creative Staircases (Drawers! IN. YOUR. STAIRS. Genious!)

Locker Pantry (cute!)


february, already? February 2, 2011

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No, really, I looked at my desktop calendar today and said wait just one minute….

it’s no longer January! 

We better get cracking on more of  these resolutions, let me tell ya!

Anywho, after I realized that my {above} desktop calendar from Anne Bryant was no longer in season… I went in search of another.  I stumbled to my google reader and spotted a post over at DigginFood with a downloadable desktop calendar.  It was February’s Anne Bryant one, and I feel in love!

It’s pretty perfect for me especially, don’t you think?

CUPCAKES!  This is especially fitting for today evidently, because literally the moment I downloaded and installed this I got a text from one of my small group girls asking to chat tonight.  And the cupcakes smiled back at me.  Oh yes.  Cupcake Royale is now in my future.  Two Cupcakes like the ones in the illustration, with lots of frosting and a candy heart.  SWEEET!   {literally!}


Go HERE to spy the designs for 2011!


Danger November 24, 2010

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Today I discovered a wonderful but very, very dangerous blog.

Its called Prudent Baby and it contains a ton of free craft tutorials, most all of which are VERY cute. You can sort by type of craft, and so far I’ve really only been through sewing and my holiday to-do list is overflowing (especially for those bambinas on the block!).

Some of my faves (don’t worry, I’m not giving anything away!):

Girls' Capelet

Embroidered Clock

Watercolor silhouettes

Sleep Shorts

Bow headband

Check it out, you won’t be disappointed. If anything, you’ll be like me and add a trillion new fun gift ideas to your list.

(psst: for those of you with infants, she has a whole section on things to do with leftover baby food jars)


Project Runway finale November 1, 2010

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I don’t even want to write this post.

All I have to say is that i am never watching Lifetime again in protest.

First off — heidi that red pant suit? why o why?

And, Micheal Kors, can you actually see the outfits with those dark sunglasses on inside?

Gretchen, your models need heels.  I was also disappointed you only used those two brown pattern fabrics.  Everything looked the same… Frumpy, hippy-dippy brown…

I loved Andy’s last look, the one he did right before the show with the green pleats.

ug, and that argument at the end … when did this become all about commercial design?  and really.. I just thought there was no contest.  I could not believe Michael Kors was really going for Gretchen.  All they kept harping on was that damn polka dot dress. 

photo via getty images

I was nervous! For everyone that I have talked to, in blogland and real life… it seemed like a slam dunk for Mondo.  His stuff was full of style and personality.  I seriously could not believe they gave the win to Gretchen.

As B said at the end of the night  “I shake my fist at you TV!!!!!!!!!!!”

This is it.  the last post ever on Project Runway or anything on Lifetime.   We are on strike until it returns to Bravo…

What did you all think?  Where you just as upset as we were? If Mondo would have changed that one dress, do you think he would have won?


Thursday Lovelies October 28, 2010

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Thursdays are always the toughest (so close to Friday but just not there!) and today the rain is back. To make matters worse, last night I went to a crazy intense yoga class that was led like a football skills clinic. I kid you not at one point the guy actually referred to our series of poses as a “drill”. Ugh, SO not the relaxed focused workout I had been looking for, and I am hurting this morning.

So, to temper things, I’m going to post some pretty bathroom inspiration photos from Sunset/My Home Ideas. I’ve been working with my parents to come up with ideas for their master bathroom remodel and these are some beautiful things I’ve found along the way. Enjoy.

Ladder is so cute!


Love the river rock around the tub


Not so plausible with neighbors 10' away, but perfect for a getaway house


I like the midcentury flair of this one

Oh, and also, loving this crate shelf on casters spotted at Door Sixteen:

Great project for thrifted fruit crates


Food Letters October 20, 2010

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How darling are these plates from Etsian Justnoey? She hand illustrates bone china with food depicting each letter.

My personal favorite is “R for Ravioli”, although “N for Noodle” is dang cute too. I also like how she has styled the photos with the actual food. Very clever!

D’s plate is fitting (Dessert).

Mine, not so (B is for Breakfast). For those of you who know me, you know i’d rather skip breakfast and go straight to lunch anyday. The only breakfast food i really enjoy is scrambled eggs.

Justnoey also has these very cute polaroid coasters. Spotted at Oh, Hello Friend.