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happy valentine’s day February 14, 2011

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strange that valentine’s is on a monday this year…. did you have a great weekend?

{hearts around our house}

it is rainy here today, and I am drinking a whole lot of coffee…

B and I did quite a lot this weekend, while also managing to get in a little relaxation time, time with friends, and going on a small adventure.  oh, so needed!

I spent my Saturday night baking my small group girls their valentines.  Nothing is better than an edible valentine, in my opinion….

i baked these with my message in a cookie cutters.  then some simple powder sugar frosting and some red sugar….  Wrapped up in bags with ribbon to hand out…

I heart my small group girls, it’s true.

I heart all you readers too!  [and so does b!]


hope your day is filled with laughs and a glass of red and a little treat!


we’re back January 3, 2011

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Whoa, end of December whirlwind! 

We are back though, and ready or not, it is 2011.

Was it just us though that thought 2010 went so insanely fast?  That kind of so-fast-you-cannot-even-spin-your-head-around-quick-enough-to-catch-it type fast?


We are back this week, bringing you some of our late december highlights — filled with trees and handmade and a huge pile of white fluffy snow {not in seattle, thank goodness!} —  highlights from 2010, and our thoughts on what 2011 will bring….

Happy New Year, hope your NYE was filled with food and friends like our night was…

and fireworks.  : )  {sidebar, I love the tree on the Needle, can’t it stay year round???}

{photo via pieces of eye’s flickr}

What are you striving  for in 2011?


a few of those pictures we promised… December 29, 2010

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from D’s birthday when we went to happy hour/dinner at Toulouse Petite…. YUM.

( very affordable happy hour with yummy southern food! )

fried chicken bites over mashed potatoes…

cajun meatloaf sliders and pomme frites…

the most amazing thing ever eaten, dungeoness crab over fried green tomatoes

and yummy dessert, a pear and hazelnut torte!

and a birthday drink of course!


Birthday Festivus December 14, 2010

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Today was darling D’s birthday! To celebrate the official day, we scampered from work a few minutes early to hit up happy hour at a new(ish) New Orleans restaurant, Toulouse Petit. It was DELISH. Dungeness crab atop Fried Green Tomatoes is all I have to say. We have some photos of our meal that we’ll share in a few days time. Then, we made a brief stop at her office’s champagne and dessert party, then home to get cozy and continue the celebration.

Festive birthday socks!

If you know D, though, you know the celebration of a birthday during the Christmas season can’t just be limited to a couple festive cocktails. Oh no. So, two weekends ago we took a trip on the Northwest Railway Museum’s SANTA TRAIN. The deal is that you depart North Bend, take a 20 min ride up to their restored vintage train depot in Snoqualmie, hang out with Santa and some cocoa, then trek back to Snoqualmie. The train is all dolled up, and Mr. Bells the festive 90 year old caroller keeps you jingling all the way!

It was very fun, and our “Christmas Captain” enjoyed it very much.

The twins stopped by to learn about board games!

Happiest of happy birthdays to my Lemon House roomie. Here’s to a great next year!!


Pretty tables December 9, 2010

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With table decor on my mind – our annual womens’ christmas dessert was last night and D and I both hosted tables – I came across these pretty modern tables and had to share.

Love both of these seen at you are my fave. Rich colors, modern lines. mmmmm.

Can’t wait to share pics of our fun night last night!


happy monday November 29, 2010

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happy to be officially starting the Christmas season!

B and I have lots to do and share in the coming weeks…

The decorating, the planning, the music… it has already begun around here.

Last week’s snowy Seattle weather blew nearly five inches of the white stuff to our house.  The city is just not able to handle the snow and it was proven yet again.  We were pretty thankful for just having grocery shopped, a big covered pile of firewood to burn, jobs were we could work from home, two coffee shops within walking distance being open, and of course our neighborhood video store.

We hope you and your family had a very happy Thanksgiving …

We spent Thanksgiving Day eating quite a lot, watching the parade and the Saints win, and taking a very cold beach walk.

And then we went over the weekend to get our Christmas tree.  You will meet him very soon….

: )


Happy Halloween! October 31, 2010

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Hope your house has been full of knocks at the door tonight!  And hopefully we will get rid of all our candy!!!

B was Astrid from How to Train Your Dragon.


Inspiration here:

And B here:

The highlight was the “Russian Wolf”  fabric and the fact that she used a rubber mallet from the garage for her Viking inspired weapon.

And ps, if you have not seen the movie, rush to your nearest independent video store and rent it immediately!

D was a spider…

HA!  For those of you who don’t know, I adore spiders. B has made me the house’s chief spider catcher.  I take my job very seriously!

Right now, roaring fire, munching on popcorn, and crafting.  Ah, good Halloween indeed!

Also this past week, in the Halloween category of life,  my (D’s) office participated in a little pumpkin carving contest to benefit the Seattle chapter of Architects’ Without Borders.  And, after making a majority of the office participate… Tuesday night we were awarded Scariest Pumpkin.  This might be a new claim to fame on my resume!

{seriously, people… you want to see good pumpkins… go to one of these events where architects carve.  I think we all pretend we are back in school building models or something!}

And on an unrelated but very important note…. We ask that you all keep THIS very special little girl in your prayers tomorrow as she undergoes surgery to become tumor-free.

Happy Halloween!