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bye! March 6, 2011

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So … later gators!

This is the last post we are going to write here.


No tears, please…..

Really do a happy dance because we have a new bloggy home.

: )


{image via sweetperversion}

So, if you are reading us in reader or have us on your blogroll, please update your feeds and visit us at

The site is still very much a work in progress but coming along!  Not everything is perfect just yet, but our master-website-builder, Dave the incredible, has been extremely patient with us and all our crazy ideas.   Seriously Dave we could not have done this without you!

So everyone…. …..See you there!



getting out there January 19, 2011

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One of our goals for 2011 is to get our wares out in the world a bit more, to establish more than an online presence. This is a daunting task, since it takes more time and time is generally less flexible when you are trying to meet people and/or participate in craft shows. Our online shop can be run 24 hrs a day, usually late at night.

This being said, we were very lucky to have an opportunity presented to us late last year. While showing at the Ravenna Neighborhood Holiday Sale, we were approached by the owner of a neighborhood hair salon, Essence.

Not only is Essence a full service salon, but they have an awesome commitment to feature local artists on the walls and handmade items on their shelves. There was interest in our wares, and space available, so we were offered some sales space in her shop!

So, as of last week, you can purchase Ravenna Girls Headbands at Essence Salon.


Pretty exciting, huh?


Personal Goals January 18, 2011

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Now that you’ve let us share our 2011 goals for our home, and for our blog/business, we’ll finish up sharing some goals for ourselves, personally in the year to come.

{you can find this print and other inspirational ones HERE}


My somewhat funny goal is to retry my 2010 goal of two-treats-a-day.  Don’t laugh, last year I made it til April.  Not a shocker, but I have a serious sweet tooth.  If you asked me to give up sweets entirely, I would fail, most definitely.  This just makes me decide whats worth it during the day.  Like a store-bought cookie brought into work is not worth it if I know I have a few Molly Cookies ready to be made for a friend at home.  Or, a vanilla cupcake with vanilla frosting….eh, I’ll pass, it’s just not as good without chocolate.

{some may call this resolution “snobby” … It is, I’m not going to lie to you.  I’m snobby about what is worth it —  and after you have a Theo Chocolate bar you will never eat a Hershey one again. Dare ya to try.}

But, since that is a resolution re-do, I have another.  …

To say No.

I am hoping that by saying No, I will be able to say Yes more.  Does that make sense?  I feel like in the past I say “oh yes certainly” a whole lot.  Instead of looking at my calendar, I add to it.  And add and add and add.  Until I have plans every night and every weekend of the month.   Some might call this blessed.  It totally is.  I am surrounded by people that want to see me.  But what about those weeks that blur by?  Where someone asks me to do something the day before that REALLY sounds fun and I have to say no because I already have something then? What about those weeks where I skip the gym to save time and eat out? What about when B or I read that something really fun is going on around town that weekend, but we just cram it in anyway and then Monday comes and I’m still exhausted?

It’s a bad habit really.  One I have had for a long time, because somewhere along the way, a day without a to do list became a problem.  I tend to get overwhelmed pretty easilly and maybe this is part of the reason…

I think I have decided that even if I improve 5% in this area I am giving myself a pat on the back.   I am hoping this will give me more time to eat at home, go workout when I want to, craft more, plan less, do things on a whim more, spend less money, work on the house more, spend more time with my small group girls, play more games with friends… generally worry less so that creativity and relaxation can happen more in the everyday around me.


My main goal for this year is to simplify. For me, this means, de-clutter, streamline, and try to be more organized in general. Life always feels so hectic, and at the same time very heavy. Hopefully by taking some time to really make sure I have things around me that are important, everything will be more purposeful. Some of our big house goals relate to reorganization, and I’m going to really try to donate some items that don’t turn out to be truly important.

Along with this comes the need to slow down. Take extra time in the evenings to be quiet, read, and decompress. GO through things slower, and if that means not crossing a couple things off the to-do list, then so be it. We accomplished A LOT in 2010, but for me, 2011 is going to be about quality over sheer quantity.

Another goal is to be more committed to the triathlon circuit. In 2010, we kept up the tradition of doing the Seattle Rain Man indoor tri, but we pretty much took off the rest of the summer since weelends were full of celebrations. This summer I’d like to squeeze in a couple more, although we’ll start with that same race in just a couple months!

Oh, and I want to go camping. A lot. I am aiming for 4-6 camping weekends this year.

In 2011 I want to take some time to get away from it all. Photo via Adventure Learning Eco Tours

So, there it is. We have a lot on our plates this year, but hopefully we can tie everything together into one cohesive wonderful year. Its going to be a great one. We are so thankful for everything we have been blessed with in our lives to make all of this possible. There may be some bumps in the road here and there, but we are two very VERY lucky girls.

What are you excited for this year??


The blog in 2011…. January 16, 2011

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After THIS recap of our house in 2010 and what we hope to accomplish in 2011…..

we bring you the next installment… what are our goals for the blog and the business in 2011?

#1 Set ourselves up as an official business, not just a hobby endeavor. This means filing a Master Business Application with the state and all the associated paperwork. The best part about this goal? Its already crossed off the list! We accomplished this last week and are waiting for our business license to come in the mail. We registered both The Ravenna Girls and Ravenna Girls Vintage so we  can move forward with both ventures. Woot, hooray for getting something crossed off the list!

#2 Get our wares out there. We did our first craft show in the beginning of December, and although it was a lot of work, I think we would like to try some more this year in order to get an idea of different atmospheres. I think it would be reasonable to say we would like to do three shows this year, one in the spring and potentially two during the fall and/or holidays. We did a lot of the legwork for the Ravenna Neighborhood Show in 2010 so they should get easier over time.  It was also a great way to get our name out there and meet members of our community right here in Seattle.

#3 Plow through the stack of vintage and handmade inventory to list on etsy. We have quite a number of items that need to be photo’d and listed. They aren’t going to sell themselves. Also, keep a better tab on the items we collect so we don’t keep getting a back log.

#4  It is no secret that we love making things.   We have a few “staple” items that we constantly produce and find supplies for.  This is mostly to sell at fairs or on etsy at this point.  But, when it comes to making gifts or something, the sky is the limit.  In 2011, not only would we like to tackle more new craft projects, but we would like to create a few new lines to sell on etsy.  No idea what this will be yet, but we have all of 2011 to find the inspiration, make some prototypes and try it out.

#5 For the blog, we have some changes in store. Our friend Dave has been helping us out with some redesign, but it now is at the point were WE need to work on many more elements to get this up and running. Hopefully soon you’ll see a new look around here.  {thanks dave, for putting up with our  slow creative spunk!}

#6 In 2010, we posted 152 times. This averages to 3 posts per week. Our goal for 2011 is to bump this number up to 4-5 posts per week. We have so many exciting projects up our sleeve, we need to make sure to share the results!

#7 Get more involved in the blog community, at least locally. There are some local bloggers who are incredibly inspiring. Orangepoppy, Maggie Rose, and A Chow Life to name a few. It would be great to be more connected online with this amazing group of local ladies. We’d love the chance to feature some of their work here.

#8 Show the love throughout the blogosphere. What does this mean? For me it means making a better effort to leave comments on those posts that inspire me most. There is a lot of inspiration and energy and beautiful work going on out there, and sometimes I take that for granted. I am going to try and leave 5 comments a day. Reaching out also means reading some new blogs, keeping my google reader fresh and interesting. Follow those ideas that really align with our inspirations and dreams.

We have enjoyed having this space so much to share all of our projects, travels, and excitements with you all. Our overall goal for 2011 is to keep this space active and lively.

Before move on to the last of our goals for this year, the personal ones, we thought we’d take a moment to share our top referrers of 2010. These sites sent the most traffic our way and we wanted to show our love back.

Tastespotting. Our most viewed post of 2010 was our recipe for Chocolate Mascarpone Peanut Toffee bars that we submitted to their site and was chosen to be featured.

The Tomlin Family Blog


Ravenna Blog



Anything else that you would like to see here this year?


How was the craft show? December 14, 2010

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Well, what a whirlwind!

It was great, but I think I speak for both of us in saying we’re glad that the first one is under our belts. The reason we posted about our involvement so close to the date is because we didn’t find out until about 2 weeks beforehand that we’d been accepted! For most of early November we’d been holding off on any serious production because we knew that would leave us with too much inventory, so it became a bit of a scramble there near the end.

But, we were able to pull off quite a bit of inventory (almost too much, I’d say, our tables were overflowing), a very nice looking “booth”, and had fun in the process.

Each vendor was given an 8’x5′ floor space and one long table. Instead of sitting behind the table, we created an “L” shaped booth to welcome people into the space. We hunted around our house and collected crates, wood bins, and vintage clipboards to use in a cohesive wood-themed display. Add in some vintage table linens, and we were pretty much well set.

In addition to some of the goods we’ve been selling on etsy for quite awhile, namely painted vintage frame jewelry hangers, upcycled yarn wreaths, soy candles, and Christmas ornaments, we came up with some new creations. I’ve been experimenting with some nautical braid rope bracelets, accented with vintage fabric. We made some vintage mug pin cushions, which are great because they don’t roll around while you’re sewing fast and shoving pins back in them. D crafted some beautiful felt bow pins, and we had a plethora of felt and pom pom headbands.

Wreaths, bracelets, and jewelry hangers were the big sellers. Unfortunately we weren’t able to move many candles as we’d hoped. With postage costs going up, these have been hard to move over on etsy (I can’t blame folks for not wanting to pay more in shipping than for the item!), so we’re trying to move them at in-person sales venues. But, you never know they might go fast next time.

I think we’ve definitely worked out the kinks for next time, and we know a little bit better what kind of quantities to bring (which should prevent the late nights we suffered this time!) but hey, you live and learn! It was fun to be able to meet the other vendors on the  night before when we got to decorate the community center with twinkle lights and garland, and we got some good neighborhood exposure. We also found out that they went from 10 vendors last year to 20 this year, so probably the word of mouth will spread even more for next year. I don’t think we’ll turn into the type of folks who do this every weekend (we do have full time jobs after all), but we did well enough to be encouraged for next time.

On a related note, stay tuned over at Oh, Hello Friend for Dani’s Craft Show 101 guide soon to be released. She has adorable booths and does craft shows all the time in the LA area, so I can’t wait  see what advice she has to offer.


Hard at work December 3, 2010

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Despite a decent online presence (D got a droid for her b-day!), we have been busy as Santa’s Little Elves the last two weeks prepping for this craft show of ours and the holiday season in general. Thank goodness for snow and flexible work hours, or else we’d be way behind – but for now I think we’re generally prepared!

We kicked off the Holiday season by listed a slew of new items on etsy (both handmade and vintage),especially those for folks doing holiday décor. We learned our lesson last year that you really have to start listing these things around Halloween or you might miss those ahead of the game.

With our online shops squared away, we’ve been toiling in our newly organized craft room (!!) crafting some or standby products and some new things. What will we have for sale on Saturday?

Wood Gift Tags, Ornaments, and Advent Calendar sets: Upcycled from Christmas trees of years past and wood burned with rustic design for simpleholiday décor.

Map Bookmarks: Nautical themed bookmarks from vintage sailing charts

Felt Headbands

Soy Candles: Vintage mugs with vibrant colored soy wax

Felt Bow Brooches: Adorable, eh?

Yarn Wreaths: Both Holiday themed and all-season with vintage yarns, buttons, and felt embellishments

And friends, that’s just the tip of the iceberg. Over the next two days, we need to finalize our displays,make price tags, and get everything organized and ready to go. Plus, part of the sale is a bake sale tobenefit teen programming at the RECC, so we need to be busy in the kitchen as well!

Plus PLUS: we some exciting out of town visitors making a surprise appearance this weekend, so we’ll be menu scheming while our hands are busy.

Back to regularly scheduled holiday programming after the sale. If you or someone you know is in the neighborhood, stop by the Ravenna Eckstein community center and see all the great artists participating. We checked out the vendor list, and there are going to be some goodies, that’s for sure! Entrance to the RECC is off 65th Ave NE (we got lost our first time).


some friday, some birthday and some business May 15, 2009

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I don’t know what to call this post, can’t you tell?  I have a bunch of little things to say.

1.  happy friday everyone!  I am so looking forward to a weekend of playing out in the sun.  we are puppysitting this weekend so be on the lookout for random cute puppy postings.

2.  Today, while managing some things on the etsy front, I noticed something that is kind of a business milestone.  We started our first shop, RavennaGirls, last June.  We started our second, RavennaGirlsVintage, in January.  Our vintagewares needed a distinct place separate from our handmade.   While we still offer combined shipping, just like one shop, separating them has really helped us to have more organized shops.  

I noticed today we only have one vintage item  left to be moved to the vintage site.  See below!

il_430xN_38508723Things on etsy are listed for 4 months at a time and then you have the option to relist. We have not moved it over  yet but will next Wednesday if it has not sold.   I even put it on sale today because it looks so lonely!

3.  And lastly on the business front…. B and I have decided to start advertising our shops. We were thinking about it right as one of our blogs we follow posted about her new advertising venture.  Perfect timing we thought, plus this blogger is local and we are all about supporting our local economy these days.   You can read the great post she wrote about us here

But really, you should go visit Magchunk because today is her birthday and she deserves your well wishes.  🙂  A sunny birthday, what a great gift! 


(happy birthday banner can be found at: BekahJennings)

happpiest of weekend to y’all.

: )