the ravenna girls

we blog!

who are we? April 26, 2009


we are b and d.

etsy shop owners @  and

best friends

city of seattle dwellers

with a love for crafting, creating, eating, photographing, home improvement, handmade, and architecture.




9 Responses to “who are we?”

  1. Devon Says:

    Ravenna girls. Perfect. So excited to find your blog via Decorno. I figured there weren’t too many Ravenna’s in the world. Glad to see other Ravenna, Seattle folk blogging away.

    You know, at some point, us Seattle blog folk should get together. I think all of us live in a 4-block radius. 😉

    • ravennagirls Says:

      ha! i agree! technically since we started this blog we moved a few blocks north to maple leaf. 🙂
      off to check out your blog!

    • Hi Ladies.

      Just thought I’d say hello. I was led to you by my search for Oblation Papers. Glad to find fellow Seattleites. Please visit my blog when you have a chance.

      • Ed Says:

        Hi Ladies, I’m friends with D’s. parents. I live next door to them in OG. I heard about the Brookie recipe, but your Father ate them all(didn’t save me a crumb) Could u please forward the recipe to me. Hope to see u soon at the beach!!!! Thanks

  2. Hi, nice to meet you !

  3. I would love to receive new posts through email. Love the blog.

  4. Isabell Says:

    I knew I had seen you at Etsy already. Wonderful things you are making.

  5. Judy Says:

    Just found your blog, LOVE IT!

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