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Lil Love Monsters February 18, 2011

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One day, I was happily reading my google reader.  A bit of sunshine popped up with a new entry and I clicked.  When, what to my wondering eyes should appear, but a miniature sleigh and eight tiny reindeer homemade fleece love monsters!  How cool! and so CUTE!

Now, I had already been to Joann’s once that week and remembered that fleece and flannel were super discounted… so I went back for some monster specific type fleeces.

Basically I needed two base colors and a bit of white and black for the face.

I didn’t use a pattern or anything…. I just started sketching one day.  I thought about some cool monster features…. Like one eye!  and the babies….  Mainly, how Ethan often smiles SO big, and how Kaylee’s smiles begin on the side of her mouth all slyly.    I think their smiles are both so…. them.

So I sketched a girly monster with longer hair and a Kaylee smile.

And then an Ethan monster with spikey hair and a huge grin.

I scanned the pen sketches and opened them in photoshop, because I am a huge nerd.  The monsters got some color and were then used on the little cards that I made.

One night i sat down with the sketches and the fleece… and well winged it.  Ha.  They came out a teeny bit bigger then I originally wanted, but after seeing them with the babies they seemed to be a good size.  I mean, they are not much smaller then the actual kids themselves so they can’t carry them around just yet….

but eventually….

I’m deeming this my first successful sewing project without a pattern.  : ) Pretty fun!  I as usual, could not have done it without B’s patient help….since me and the needle threading thing are still not usually friends.

To sum up this post….

fleece is easy to sew with and hides user error

monsters are really cute

Monster arms are the perfect size for babies to chomp on

My love for K and E is MONSTERous.  : ) Happy Valentine’s Day & 6 month birthday, darlings.

Being a god-mother is pretty awesome!

Happy Friday, monsters!


One Response to “Lil Love Monsters”

  1. Ellen Says:

    Just precious, D! Your creative talent has no bounds. A fan am I.

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