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Security Envelope Valentines February 13, 2011

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The other night, I found some random supplies and decided to throw together some Valentines as simple little treats for my friends. Here’s a quick little pictorial. These could be easily adapted for other holidays depending on the type things you have lying around. They are SUPER quick and would make a great teacher valentine if you’re last minute like I usually am.

I’ve had some security envelopes stashed away to use as backgrounds and paper accents, and they were perfect for this! One envelope made 7 valentines.

The tape is japanese fabric sticky-back tape from Daiso (the japanese dollar store). You could also use Washi tape or follow this tutorial to make your own fabric tape.

I freehanded hearts from the fabric tape. Don’t worry too much about getting a perfect heart shape, they will be more whimsical this way 😉

After placing the hearts on each patterned flag, I used a red pen to integrate the heart into a message. Some of them said ” You’re a Sweet ❤ ” or had the heart in a thought bubble. Then I glued each paper flag to a regular #2 pencil, covering the logo. I always like giving a little useful giftie, and who doesn’t get excited about a crisp new pencil?

A goofy but cute little treat! Enjoy whats left of your day and give someone in your life a little extra love on this special day.


{PS – can anyone teach me how to insert a cute heart into my post in wordpress? I’ve searched, but I’m HTML illiterate and am not able to make it work. Something tells me the ❤ is a little outdated these days. . .}


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