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Sunday Search: Winter Sun January 30, 2011

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Hopefully everyone is having a nice relaxing weekend and getting rejuvenated for the week ahead. We both embarked on some winter retreats this weekend, split between two coasts. Where I am, its brisk but sunny, the perfect late winter day that makes you yearn for full on spring sunshine.

We want to get back to featuring more of our etsy peers this year, by picking a search term and seeing what awesome finds are being offerred in the etsy community. This Sunday, in homage to the beautiful day outside, I searched “Winter Sun” and came up with some inspiring hits. Take a look:

Antique Bottles no. 2 Print

Hand-dyed Sock Weight Yarn

Snowflake suncatcher

Moss amethyst Earrings

Geese on Frozen Pond

Felt Sunday Hat

Enjoy the rest of your afternoon whether it be sunny, rainy, or somewhere in between!


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