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Personal Goals January 18, 2011

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Now that you’ve let us share our 2011 goals for our home, and for our blog/business, we’ll finish up sharing some goals for ourselves, personally in the year to come.

{you can find this print and other inspirational ones HERE}


My somewhat funny goal is to retry my 2010 goal of two-treats-a-day.  Don’t laugh, last year I made it til April.  Not a shocker, but I have a serious sweet tooth.  If you asked me to give up sweets entirely, I would fail, most definitely.  This just makes me decide whats worth it during the day.  Like a store-bought cookie brought into work is not worth it if I know I have a few Molly Cookies ready to be made for a friend at home.  Or, a vanilla cupcake with vanilla frosting….eh, I’ll pass, it’s just not as good without chocolate.

{some may call this resolution “snobby” … It is, I’m not going to lie to you.  I’m snobby about what is worth it —  and after you have a Theo Chocolate bar you will never eat a Hershey one again. Dare ya to try.}

But, since that is a resolution re-do, I have another.  …

To say No.

I am hoping that by saying No, I will be able to say Yes more.  Does that make sense?  I feel like in the past I say “oh yes certainly” a whole lot.  Instead of looking at my calendar, I add to it.  And add and add and add.  Until I have plans every night and every weekend of the month.   Some might call this blessed.  It totally is.  I am surrounded by people that want to see me.  But what about those weeks that blur by?  Where someone asks me to do something the day before that REALLY sounds fun and I have to say no because I already have something then? What about those weeks where I skip the gym to save time and eat out? What about when B or I read that something really fun is going on around town that weekend, but we just cram it in anyway and then Monday comes and I’m still exhausted?

It’s a bad habit really.  One I have had for a long time, because somewhere along the way, a day without a to do list became a problem.  I tend to get overwhelmed pretty easilly and maybe this is part of the reason…

I think I have decided that even if I improve 5% in this area I am giving myself a pat on the back.   I am hoping this will give me more time to eat at home, go workout when I want to, craft more, plan less, do things on a whim more, spend less money, work on the house more, spend more time with my small group girls, play more games with friends… generally worry less so that creativity and relaxation can happen more in the everyday around me.


My main goal for this year is to simplify. For me, this means, de-clutter, streamline, and try to be more organized in general. Life always feels so hectic, and at the same time very heavy. Hopefully by taking some time to really make sure I have things around me that are important, everything will be more purposeful. Some of our big house goals relate to reorganization, and I’m going to really try to donate some items that don’t turn out to be truly important.

Along with this comes the need to slow down. Take extra time in the evenings to be quiet, read, and decompress. GO through things slower, and if that means not crossing a couple things off the to-do list, then so be it. We accomplished A LOT in 2010, but for me, 2011 is going to be about quality over sheer quantity.

Another goal is to be more committed to the triathlon circuit. In 2010, we kept up the tradition of doing the Seattle Rain Man indoor tri, but we pretty much took off the rest of the summer since weelends were full of celebrations. This summer I’d like to squeeze in a couple more, although we’ll start with that same race in just a couple months!

Oh, and I want to go camping. A lot. I am aiming for 4-6 camping weekends this year.

In 2011 I want to take some time to get away from it all. Photo via Adventure Learning Eco Tours

So, there it is. We have a lot on our plates this year, but hopefully we can tie everything together into one cohesive wonderful year. Its going to be a great one. We are so thankful for everything we have been blessed with in our lives to make all of this possible. There may be some bumps in the road here and there, but we are two very VERY lucky girls.

What are you excited for this year??


2 Responses to “Personal Goals”

  1. Stacy Says:

    So fun to read this! We’re hoping for lots of camping weekends this summer too! We should all go together sometime!

  2. ravennagirls Says:

    We should! We could play games by the fire — delightful! We’ll have to chat about where to go!
    MMM smores.
    We will bring the firewood, btw. : )

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