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A Look Ahead January 12, 2011

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It’s the new year. And boy, oh, boy, what a whirlwind 2010 was. I know they say time speeds up as you get older, but I feel like 2010 was even faster than that. Insane. Nuts. Awesome. Amazing. It was a good year, wasn’t it? There was much joy. Travel. Weddings. Babies. Home Reno!

There were also some disappointments: Crummy summer weather (we didn’t really have one), and thus sad tomato plants. Also, my sailor man was stationed 3,000 miles away from home, and we both had some tribulations with our work lives.

But. Here we are. 2011. A prime number, a unique year, and with it: Resolutions! Except that I hate the word resolutions.

I prefer goals. Goals means that you are working TOWARD something. Resolution implies that you set a standard and you either keep it up, or you fail. Goals keep you moving, and give you milestones for success along the way. We both have many personal goals we’ve set for this year, and we have blog, business, and house goals together too. Over the next couple of days we’ll be sharing details on what 2011 will (hopefully!) bring for us, our business, and our house. Its gonna be a good one!

For Today, let’s begin with the Lemon house!

You might remember what we accomplished in 2010:

A complete backyard transformation INCLUDING…

first, a tree removal

the raised beds

the digging and then the patio

the vegetable garden


JUNE 2010

SEPT 2010

And what do we have in store for 2011?

Well, we have a ton of projects we WANT to do with the house.  Like most people, two things stand in our way:  Budget and expertise.  So with that in mind, we plan to tackle some of the projects we already have the supplies for.   Like:

– Finish painting the front porch soffit and front window trim.

– Solve the bathroom ceiling dilemma of 2010 {what dilemma, you might say?  Hopefully no one has noticed, but if you do come over, look up once and your questions will be answered}

– Finish painting the “leftover”  hallways that haven’t received any attention.

– Trim Trim Trim.  Quarter-round is needed in bedrooms, but base molding is completely needed in the kitchen, dining room, and aforementioned hallways.  I am not going to lie, we have not installed trim before.  It looks pretty easy, and Plow-king once got us a nail gun… so maybe it won’t be so bad.

no trim, and that hallway into the craft room needs paint, too!

-Backyard… maintence.  ha.  To start, springtime pruning of bushes and trimming of trees.  We have a few low hanging and dead branches that need to go.  We also have a few areas that need a bit of grass seed.

-Garden.  Our first veggie efforts went fairly well in 2010.  Some veggies worked well, while others were tempermental.  We plan to start this year by composting our current raised beds.  We have enough wood left over to build two new beds so we will be doing that as well.    For 2011, we will not be growing tomatoes in our beds.  Instead, we are going to grow them in pots {which we need to buy/find, any ideas on cheap places?}  Pots will give us two major benefits.  First off, our tomatoes will no longer deplete the nutrients in their bed.  Secondly, they can be mobile-maters!  We can move them around to maximize sun exposure and move them to our back covered porch if it is supposed to rain for days.  Hopefully this will yield better results in 2011.

-Fireplace redesign.  We have some ideas, and some supplies… but we would like to draw and design and get your input before we tackle it!


Fireplace, Before Move In

– Second floor. The ultimate goal is to half our “half floor” upstairs be a guest room and game room, as well as organized storage. This will involve fixing the staircase treads, maybe a quick little coat of paint, and some reoganization.


A Peek Upstairs

-D wants to make and put up the curtains for her bedroom.  (I have the fabric and rods… just need to do it!)

-Front porch.  This is lofty.  We know it.  This is the project we have very few supplies for and just a lot of potential ideas.  In 2011 we would at least like to work on the design and budget  for it.  Who knows, maybe it will happen?

-General clean up and reorganize the usual spaces… basement, attic, craft room.  Who knows, we might even get brave this year and take a BEFORE photo of the chaos.  : )

Stay tuned for our blog & business goals for 2011, as well as our personal thoughts!


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