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Christmas from coast to coast January 6, 2011

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Since we took the holidays off from blogland (mostly), and D has shared her experiences from the North Pole, I’m going to take a day to savor and share with you Christmas here in Washington.


Out the window Christmas Morning

My family celebrates both Christmas Eve and Christmas Day, bookended with cozy family meals on both ends. In between, we open gifts, watch movies, play games, and enjoy the scenery. A festive time for sure.

This year for Christmas Eve feasting we wanted to keep things simple: tomato soup and grilled cheese, done up fancy for the holiday. I made this panini and it was delicious, although I was too liberal with the artichoke spread, I’d suggest keeping it light.  Also, i swapped out radicchio for arugula, and that was just fine. I also made a brussels sprouts salad as a side, with apple and a lemon vinagrette.


Prosciutto, Arugula, Artichoke Panini

Fresh brussel sprout salad

For Christmas morning breakfast, my mom whipped up a smoked salmon, dungeness crab, and dill frittata, similar to this recipe. DEEEEELISH!

Simple satisfying frittata

Every year my aunt decorates the house with a theme of decorations. Since she and my grandmother live on a beach, this year’s theme was undersea with holiday sparkle. From glittered clam shells, to felt fishies, to ribbon jellyfish, the decorations were amazing, beautiful, and cohesive. The house was a-glitter with turquoise, copper, and white.

Hand sewn and beaded felt fish

Coppery Jellyfish


Seascape mantle

Glassy tablescape

So many wonderful detals!

And to make it even more impressive, she hand-made all the the ornaments! To fill out the scheme, she found a wicker clamshell at the thrift store, spray painted copper, and added a pearl for extra whimsy!

Christmas Pearl!

Underwater holidays

We finished the holiday by meeting up with the rest of the family, and I’m sad I didn’t get any good pictures of Christmas Day itself 😦 You’ll have to imagine the festivities!


Peace on Christmas morning

Hope all had a very wonderful holiday and a happy happy new year. Any fun holiday 2010 stories to share?

If you want a trip down memory lane, photos of Christmas 2009 here and here.


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