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we’re back January 3, 2011

Filed under: celebrations — ravennagirls @ 5:41 pm

Whoa, end of December whirlwind! 

We are back though, and ready or not, it is 2011.

Was it just us though that thought 2010 went so insanely fast?  That kind of so-fast-you-cannot-even-spin-your-head-around-quick-enough-to-catch-it type fast?


We are back this week, bringing you some of our late december highlights — filled with trees and handmade and a huge pile of white fluffy snow {not in seattle, thank goodness!} —  highlights from 2010, and our thoughts on what 2011 will bring….

Happy New Year, hope your NYE was filled with food and friends like our night was…

and fireworks.  : )  {sidebar, I love the tree on the Needle, can’t it stay year round???}

{photo via pieces of eye’s flickr}

What are you striving  for in 2011?


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