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oliver is all ready, he has even had a practice run! December 20, 2010

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Here he is, with the first round of presents underneath…

We had our girlfriends over for a little brunch and present opening a week ago….

Yum ….

this was brunch, before we ate it… 🙂  (thanks joelle, for having the sense to photo this!)

oh, and this was an edible tree  for the day, thanks to dana.  yum!

{yes, our friends do come over to eat cookies and drink cocoa in front of the fire and open presents we buy for each other.  I strongly suggest you do this too.  Lights and christmas socks  and running to Christmas parties is delightful, but this really is just perfection.}

Today Oliver is slowly being populated with presents again.  Here he is in the nighttime, all lit up.

Isn’t he oh-so-darling!!

Oh, and in case you were wondering… this is oliver’s favorite book these days. 

: )

yes, i wear crazy christmas outfits and i talk to my tree.  I’m D, and I think Christmas is the very best time of the year, by far.


One Response to “oliver is all ready, he has even had a practice run!”

  1. lisa merseles Says:

    I would love to know the exact variety of that tree. It is so different from the types we have here in the East.

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