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How was the craft show? December 14, 2010

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Well, what a whirlwind!

It was great, but I think I speak for both of us in saying we’re glad that the first one is under our belts. The reason we posted about our involvement so close to the date is because we didn’t find out until about 2 weeks beforehand that we’d been accepted! For most of early November we’d been holding off on any serious production because we knew that would leave us with too much inventory, so it became a bit of a scramble there near the end.

But, we were able to pull off quite a bit of inventory (almost too much, I’d say, our tables were overflowing), a very nice looking “booth”, and had fun in the process.

Each vendor was given an 8’x5′ floor space and one long table. Instead of sitting behind the table, we created an “L” shaped booth to welcome people into the space. We hunted around our house and collected crates, wood bins, and vintage clipboards to use in a cohesive wood-themed display. Add in some vintage table linens, and we were pretty much well set.

In addition to some of the goods we’ve been selling on etsy for quite awhile, namely painted vintage frame jewelry hangers, upcycled yarn wreaths, soy candles, and Christmas ornaments, we came up with some new creations. I’ve been experimenting with some nautical braid rope bracelets, accented with vintage fabric. We made some vintage mug pin cushions, which are great because they don’t roll around while you’re sewing fast and shoving pins back in them. D crafted some beautiful felt bow pins, and we had a plethora of felt and pom pom headbands.

Wreaths, bracelets, and jewelry hangers were the big sellers. Unfortunately we weren’t able to move many candles as we’d hoped. With postage costs going up, these have been hard to move over on etsy (I can’t blame folks for not wanting to pay more in shipping than for the item!), so we’re trying to move them at in-person sales venues. But, you never know they might go fast next time.

I think we’ve definitely worked out the kinks for next time, and we know a little bit better what kind of quantities to bring (which should prevent the late nights we suffered this time!) but hey, you live and learn! It was fun to be able to meet the other vendors on the  night before when we got to decorate the community center with twinkle lights and garland, and we got some good neighborhood exposure. We also found out that they went from 10 vendors last year to 20 this year, so probably the word of mouth will spread even more for next year. I don’t think we’ll turn into the type of folks who do this every weekend (we do have full time jobs after all), but we did well enough to be encouraged for next time.

On a related note, stay tuned over at Oh, Hello Friend for Dani’s Craft Show 101 guide soon to be released. She has adorable booths and does craft shows all the time in the LA area, so I can’t wait  see what advice she has to offer.


2 Responses to “How was the craft show?”

  1. Jo Says:

    Great set up guys! Love your branding. Congrats on the success! Looking forward to the next one and hopefully making it there.

  2. […] Get our wares out there. We did our first craft show in the beginning of December, and although it was a lot of work, I think we would like to try some […]

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