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Lemon ice! November 22, 2010

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Snow Snow Snow!!!

backyard raised beds out the back window!

I know, I know, if you live in the Puget Sound you are tired of hearing about it…. but I’m excited!!!

Plus we both got to work and got home safely so that is even better!!  And, as if it could not get any better, we also both got home before it got dusky so we could see our house for the very first time in a blanket of white.

That’s right, happy first snow day, Lemon House.  You look even more darling covered in white.

I bet up here in Maple Leaf we have over 2 inches!  The grass is gone, and the roads are covered.  It is not supposed to get above freezing until Thursday, so it looks like we are going to have a white Thanksgiving!! {and tomorrow, brrrrr, only 29 as a high!}

our street!

As for now,  crafting + time in front of the fire + more Christmas music + something warm for dinner is certainly in order!

hmmm, mums...i think fall is over!


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