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nola love November 3, 2010

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For those of you who don’t know, B and I both lived in New Orleans for five years while we got our architecture degrees.

New Orleans was this place that started out as simply where I went to school.   Then, slowly, it became a place I loved.  I cannot describe in, put it in words, but I have a feeling for that place that I’m not sure any other place will ever hold for me.  I felt this way before the storm, but really was hit with this overwhelming feeling afterwards.  That old saying, abstence makes the heart grow fonder?  It is so true.  SO true about New Orleans.

Recently B and I took a trip back for Tulane Homecoming & Alumni Weekend.  I didn’t realize how much I needed that weekend.  How honest to goodness relaxing it is to go somewhere that you know your way around, know great place sto go, have great friends along with you.  How much I miss New Orleans.

{all photos by B and D!}

{look what they got outside the new university center!}

I love how my tastebuds light up in my mouth, how amazing every little thing you eat is.

{beignets at Cafe du Monde first thing after arrival}

I love how relaxed I feel.

I love taking a walk in the late morning with a bloody mary in one hand and a camera in the other.

I love how the old and new somehow come together and beauty grows out of them.

growing at lafayette cemetery

{lafayette cemetary old fallen grave markers}

I love Tulane, and how great they treat their alums (hello, unlimited free drinks and yummy free food two days in a row…)

{the first photo in this post is just one result of the Tulane Alumni Party photo booth!}

I love hearing the music, live right there.  And I love that after the concert concluded, Tulane had a fireworks show, right on the quad…

{trombone shorty’s concert on the Tulane quad}

I love that in October I wore shorts and skirts and summery dresses and was hot.

I love that we watched the saints outdoors at the Bulldog.

{watching saints v cardinals outside at the Bulldog Uptown patio. Abita Amber in one hand, burger in the other...}

{bulldog's new fountain on the patio which we think we might replicate in our yard!} ha

I love how fun it is to spend time with friends there, to talk about the great fun we had in college. 

{b and d at the alumni party}

i love that the saints won the superbowl. 

{watching the tulane football game at the dome}

And that they have now made the dome a glowing gold.

{who dat?}


because really… Some things happen only at Tulane, only in New Orleans.


{happy vacation made possible by all the friends that flew in from around the globe to join the fun, all the friends that met up with us while we were in town, and the friend that let us stay at her place!}


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