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Project Runway finale November 1, 2010

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I don’t even want to write this post.

All I have to say is that i am never watching Lifetime again in protest.

First off — heidi that red pant suit? why o why?

And, Micheal Kors, can you actually see the outfits with those dark sunglasses on inside?

Gretchen, your models need heels.  I was also disappointed you only used those two brown pattern fabrics.  Everything looked the same… Frumpy, hippy-dippy brown…

I loved Andy’s last look, the one he did right before the show with the green pleats.

ug, and that argument at the end … when did this become all about commercial design?  and really.. I just thought there was no contest.  I could not believe Michael Kors was really going for Gretchen.  All they kept harping on was that damn polka dot dress. 

photo via getty images

I was nervous! For everyone that I have talked to, in blogland and real life… it seemed like a slam dunk for Mondo.  His stuff was full of style and personality.  I seriously could not believe they gave the win to Gretchen.

As B said at the end of the night  “I shake my fist at you TV!!!!!!!!!!!”

This is it.  the last post ever on Project Runway or anything on Lifetime.   We are on strike until it returns to Bravo…

What did you all think?  Where you just as upset as we were? If Mondo would have changed that one dress, do you think he would have won?


3 Responses to “Project Runway finale”

  1. Jo Says:

    LIVID!!! I was so so so mad… still am! I watched it more or less ‘live’ and was DYING to rant about it – but wasn’t sure who had watched it. I don’t understand AT. ALL. and then Grechen’s little piece in People?! RARR.

  2. erin Says:

    I could go on about this forever, but I’ll try and keep it brief.

    1. If the future of fashion is bland shapeless clothing, then I am not interested and I think fashion magazines are going to have trouble selling.

    2. You can’t say that Mondo’s stuff is too childish and colorful and therefore won’t sell when you have Betsy Johnson at the runway show. Especially since she was a guest judge this season and has been successful with that idea for MANY years in fashion.

    3. No he shouldn’t have changed the dress. It was awesome and one of the main judges said she would wear it in a second. If he has even one famous customer that likes it, chances are there are other people who do too.

    Ridiculous nonsense. Kors and Garcia are out of their minds and clearly are clueless about what people want.

  3. thetomlinfamily Says:

    Yup, so pissed. Mondo was robbed. He deserved that win, and I’ve thought Gretchen’s clothes are ugly, shapeless sacks almost all season long. BLECH. She used the same patterned fabric on almost every stupid piece. WTF?

    Mondo offered variety and originality and, like I said before, was robbed. Plain and simple. That polka dot dress was fab. Loved it.

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