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pr, are you kidding me??? October 14, 2010

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heidi –

are you kidding me??????????

Michael Costello used the Statue of Liberty as his inspiration.

And all he SERIOUSLY did was turn Lady Liberty’s dress from green to black.  Oh.  SHOCKER.  More drape-y crap.

But SERIOUSLY.  Picking  inspiration that’s a  female statue and then copying her dress is just RIDICULOUS. 

And then worse, they LOVED it.

I think this may be worse than the episode that Gretchen won with her Renaissance-Fair-drab-mixed-with-potato-sack.


I cannot even believe we have to watch a final collection from those two designers.  And watch another episode of Michael’s whining and Gretchen’s completely rude commentary.


One Response to “pr, are you kidding me???”

  1. Jo Says:

    AMEN. I was so floored. I was yelling at the tv… even though Aiden was sleeping upstairs. SERIOUSLY!?! Loved Mondo’s though.

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