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Raincoat Quest September 26, 2010

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 A few weeks back I decided i needed a new raincoat. I have a couple jackets for fall/winter but none of them really fit the bill for the weather that Seattle doles out. I have a couple wool coats, but they don’t have hoods, and when its raining real hard, you just get water logged. I also have some “shell” raincoats, that keep out the moisture (mostly) but aren’t very warm once the coldest of the rain sets in. Plus, they aren’t very professional looking for wearing to work meetings and site visits. Although, now that i think about it, most raincoats don’t really match hard hats so thats probably a moot point.

Anyhow, in August sometime we received our first fall/winter catalog from Boden, which is a British clothing company who has recently expanded to the US market. THey have really cute stuff, most with a retro/mod twist. I spied this jacket below, but since it was still summer, I wasn’t totally ready to pull the plug on a serious jacket purchase.

Flash forward to this week. I went back to the Boden website to check out the options, but the color shown above was backordered 11 weeks. 11 weeks is pretty much 2011, so THAT doesn’t do me much good. I did some thinking about the other colors and patterns, but couldn’t quite commit to any of them, so decided I’d have to seek either options. Let the quest begin!

Stop #1: LL bean.

The go-to for outdoor wear. I found this option, which was affordable, promised to be waterproof, and had a part wool lining, but wasn’t too jazzed about the simple design. Just not much to it compared to the piping and buttons on the Boden option. So, onward.

Stop #2: Eddie Bauer.

Again, for northwesterners, a go-to option. This one looked even warmer, but with the elastic waist I was afraid of the frump-factor. Kept this one in my back pocket, though.

Stop #3:

Overstock had this cute London Fog option that was cut a little more stylishly than the LL bean/Eddie Bauer options, and had a hood, but I was worried that they would be too light weight since the description didn’t pay any emphasis on lining, etc.

Stop #4, 5, 6, & 7: Old Navy, Target, Gap, Piperlime. No Dice, at least not in my price range (you know Piperlime had some BEAUTIFUL options, they always do, but most were $400+ yikes!)

Stop #8: Banana.

Really cute cut and pattern on this one, but no hood! Deal breaker for Seattle gals. Drats. Moving on.

Final Stop!: Sierra Trading Post.

I’ve ordered gear from this discount site before and been very happy with their options, so i thought I’d see what they had. And success (mostly)! I found this Merrell Ava Car coat in muted turquoise. It has a hood with fleece lining and is reportedly waterproof (the reviews were positive). Also, it has piped accents and a cute tie at the waist to lend some flattering shape. I think its the best of all worlds. Plus, i found a coupon code online that discounted any purchase at Sierra Trading Post 20%. Score!

So its on its way. The only problem was that they had one (ONE!) jacket left in this color and its a size larger than i would usually order. Sometimes this can be good to fit bulkier sweaters under in the dead of winter, so i’m hoping I won’t have to send it back.

On the chance I have to send it back, does anyone have a go-to source for stylish, warm, and (most importantly!) waterproof jackets? I’ve exhausted my normal online sources.

Do share!


5 Responses to “Raincoat Quest”

  1. Jackie Says:

    Yay for cute coats! I always like REI, and they have quite a few less sporty, more stylish styles. I was just looking real quick, and I thought this one was especially nice: A little pricey, but not horrible.

  2. Paolo Says:

    Bummer we didn’t make your cut, but appreciate the feedback about the elastic waistline concern!

    Best, Paolo at Eddie Bauer

  3. meredith Says:

    hey there, just found your blog! i bought the merrel ava last year in black and it was the best purchase! i live in seattle, too, so i agree a hood is a must! the jacket is sort of on the heavy side (but not insulated) compared to the grace jacket from northface (another one i looked at), but i would definitely recommend it. hope it works out for you!

    • ravennagirls Says:

      Meredith, the coat came today and I love it just as much as you. Its flattering, heavy enough for winter, and waterproof without being too “gore-tex”. Hooray for Seattle Jacket Victory!

  4. meredith Says:

    that is great! i had the same issue last year… looking for something that is waterproof/resistant, but a little more dressy than a typical seattle rain jacket was harder than i thought it would be. enjoy 😉

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