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our august raised bed update August 5, 2010

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We have gotten some requests to see what our raised beds look like today…

You can see their progression here and here

Our dahlias in the first bed have all come up.  Two are in full bloom, and the others have buds that should be ready to bloom any day now.

Our second bed has some lettuce, arugula, basil, and tomatoes.  Lettuce and basil are still producing.  We are harvesting the last of the arugula, as it is starting to bolt.  The tomatoes in this bed are short compared to the rest… they were planted a bit late though.

Our third bed has a ton of tomatoes, beans, beets, leeks and a strawberry plant.  Strawberries are done, but the plant is growing still so hopefully it will produce more next year.  Leeks and beets are still growing.  We have been eating a few beans every other day for a while now.  The tomatoes are really doing great.  Evidently this is a rough year for tomatoes in the Pacific Northwest due to the less then average sunshine.  Our plants are large and have lots of flowers… So we have hope that soon fruit will start to grow!!!

The fourth bed is shalllots, onions, cucumbers, and a few more late tomatoes.  The onions and shallots we have been slowly harvesting when we need.  They really could all come out any time though.  The cukes are growing nicely and slowly taking over…

Not pictured are the hopefully bountiful potatoes we planted out back.. …

We certainly have learned a lot with this first veggie attempt.  We are taking note of what works and what doesn’t and will change things a bit for next year.

The second month of the Pac NW summer has just begun though.. and we have high hopes for the remainder of our summer harvest.  We are now preparing for our fall crops.  Instead of growing more plants from seed, we have decided to sign up for a Community Sponsered Plant Start package.  This weekend we will be picking up ten new plants, all ready to be placed in the ground.  These plants should be ready for harvest at the very beginning of the fall or end of September.  More info can be found here.  You can also order starts through Cascadian Edible Landscapes for winter harvest as well!

We will let you know how it goes…

i heart summer.


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