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Covers for Boppy August 4, 2010

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For those of you who don’t know, THIS is a Boppy. Its a nursing pillow/baby prop common among many moms these days. It is also something that comes with a cover – and you know what that means: a chance to customize!  With some new babies on the way, i found some cute and soft flannels and thought I’d try my hand at sewing a couple.

Hooowever.  I didn’t want to PAY for a PATTERN! So, I borrowed a cover that a friend already owned, and did a little rudimentary pattern making. Basically, I pressed the cover flat, traced, and then added seam allowances for the edge and zippers. Piece of cake (we’ll see. . . right?)

For talking purposes, the pieces will be labeled as below.

First, I basted and sewed my 24″ metal zipper to the straight side of piece A with a 3/4″ seam allowance.

Then, I sewed the zipper onto piece B, using again a 3/4″ seam allowance. After secured, I folded a generous seam allowance OVER the right side of the zipper to create the flap that hides the zipper itself, and top stitched.

Last part of the zipper: top stitch at piece B to have the zipper lie flat.

Hooray! Zipper in and hidden from view. Although making a more complex pattern, its nice that they have zippers straight across the back instead of around a curve. Less chance of broken zippers that way.

Next step, pin all the way around, with Piece A/B right side to large piece C. Instead of leaving a part of the seam open to turn later, i unzipped about 4″ and used that. Sew all the way around using a 1/2″ seam allowance.

Done! Look at that cute zipper with the hider panel flipped back.

Cozy, Cozy.


The plaid was actually the second cover I made. My wonderful friend Dana let me make her a cover as a trial using this CUUUTE Noah’s Ark Flannel. Here you can see how well the zipper is hidden (although i gave her a LIME GREEN zipper which is quite cute).

I’m working on getting the pattern into some sort of format so i can send around digitally. (Right now its hand drawn on the back of old plans). Probably I’ll be a nerd and draft it into AutoCAD or something. maybe. when it rains.


(One Caveat: Boppys are apparently now being sold with a stretchy band in the center to accommodate a variety of waist sizes. I did notice that the slipcover i was copying had an extra seam with a panel in the center portion that help the fabric lie a little flatter around the middle. While I’m sure this is nice, I wasn’t really into a whole nother few steps, so I simplified.)


3 Responses to “Covers for Boppy”

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  3. Cinny Says:

    Good tutorial. Thanks! I found a free pattern here….

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