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wedding squared July 27, 2010

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I (d) have not been doing much blogging lately.

I actually have been rather busy.  I know, I know, I think what else is new?  But no seriously it has been weeks of busy fun lately for me.  It started with a busy beginning to June with parties and outings.  It ended with three long (like 4 to 6 days…) weekends in a row. 

Yeah I was tired.  Yeah I did a lot of laundry and packed and repacked. I missed Seattle and my house and my friends here.

But I had a blast on each of my three trips.

You know how sometimes you feel pulled in a bunch of different directions?  Events here or there, hang outs, catch ups, more time with people who you don’t see enough.  I feel like life sometimes is segmented into different groups of people — all who I want to see/know/have fulfilling relationships with.  But, somehow I always fall short.  I think it’s because I have been blessed to know so many great people in life and there continues to be only one of me. 

So anyway, I’m back. 

And then the other day I downloaded my camera.  And behold, I am Behind on Blogging about these fun adventures.  Surprise surprise.  It was overwhelming to see hundreds and hundreds of pictures of me and my friends and family and youth group girls all loving summer.

So then I thought, …I should really blog about this all, one month later.  Ha.

ADVENTURE one was my friend Angie’s wedding to Chris.  You remember.. the one with the bridal shower in NJ this past March….

I flew to NJ a few days before the wedding to hang out on the beach with my parents.  {remember NJ last summer?  read more here and here..}   I pretty much spent days swimming in the ocean and window shopping around town…and nights drinking wine and eating noshes.  {thanks parents!}

And then I had the honor of being in Angie’s wedding, see?


In all fairness of this photo.. the photographer said, “do something silly!”

It may look like my bouquet is about to be fed to the ducks, but it is not.   But I think this picture is awesome.

Oh, and at the wedding’s reception they had a dessert bar.  There were like  four tables of different chocolatey/sweet wonders.  I may have attempted to try each of them.  : ) Massive amounts of dessert at a wedding = sheer genius.

But, it was seriously fun.  To spend time with friends from High School, most of which I had not seen in a while. To dance.  To laugh.  To fill up the party bus with the other bridesmaids.  To enjoy the party bus between pictures and the reception.  To see Angie and Chris really truly happy.

Congrats Angie and Chris!!

{I have some pictures to send you of the fun, by the way}

Thanks, for letting me be a part of your special day!

Event three was the second wedding of the summer.  

{are you mathematically confused?  Yes… I skipped event two.  Come back soon for that, I will write about it AND post some pictures.  I am just in wedding-post-writing-mood right about now.}

Both B and I went to architecture school with Blythe.  She now lives in Portland.. so we go to each others places often for weekends.  Just to see each other, eat, explore different Pacific Northwest cities…

oh, and go thrifting.

So we were pleased to drive on down for a wedding on the fourth of July.  {isn’t that cool, fireworks every year for your anniversary!} 

Plus, a bunch of other friends from college came it too… it was like a reunion …only not at Mardi Gras!  We all stayed at the Kennedy School in Portland, which I cannot recommend enough.   It’s a renovated school turned hotel with a soaking pool, a movie theater, and several bars/restaurants with great happy hours.

We made a weekend out of the part-ay, going out with blythe, trying new restaurants, driving to wineries, going to a famous Alvar Aalto building, getting our nails done with the bride.

The wedding was at Firehouse Restaurant {where the groom, Jason is a chef} and a featured delicious strawberry Rhubarb pie and firework gazing on the roof of the building.  Spectacular!



{me, blythe in her reception dancing outfit, and bri}….{oh, and biggest thanks goes to angie, for letting her bridemaids select their own dresses.  as you can see… it already got worn again!}

Congrats Blythe and Jason! 

{and no, I do not just go to weddings for dessert.  although, it’s dependably delicious.}


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