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Backyard Part Three: Creating a Solid Base July 9, 2010

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So, after we completed our own backyard version of THE BIG DIG, we moved onto filling that giant hole. 

{remember the digging?}

STEP ONE involved procuring additional materials.  We ordered some crushed gravel (3/8″ minus rock to be exact…) and some mason’s sand and had them both delivered.  We paid a bit more to have the gravel wheelbarrowed into our backyard.  It was our reward for all of the digging.  Pure genius on our part…let me tell ya.

Then we come home that Friday afternoon and rake rake rake.  We get the gravel as level as we can by raking and then run a long wood board over the rest of it.

Motivated by this progress of filling the hole… we head to Home Depot to rent a compressor. 

After the employee takes my credit card number as collateral, he begins to load the machine into my car with a forklift.  He though assures me it’s not heavy at all. Some how I don’t believe him. 

As usual, we get home and discover the employee at a home improvement big box store is incorrect.  {if we had a quarter for every time we have said that during the past year plus of home reno… we would have been able to afford to pay someone to come out and build our patio I bet…}

Sparing you needless details of creative ways we got the Moving Monster {aka compactor} into our backyard….

here it is:

And, well, it really worked!  It was pretty easy too, you just guided it around.  It never really felt out of control and it was not too terribly loud either.

Here is a look at the gravel after compression….

We will also spare you the let’s-try-and-get-this-thing-back-in-the-car-drama.

After the gravel was secure, we began filling wheelbarrows with sand.  Many trips later, the sand was on top of the gravel.  We leveled with our trusty wood board and leveled out the surface.

Now, all that our former hole needed was some pavers….


3 Responses to “Backyard Part Three: Creating a Solid Base”

  1. dad Says:

    You should have called. I would have helped. Oh wait- I was relaxing on the beach with my new boogie board, in Ocean Grove NJ. Next time. Dad

    • ravennagirls Says:

      NAH, we are trying to find something really challenging for you. The patio was too easy!
      Oh, I know! We want a hose bib on the back of the house. You can bring your Boogie Board for during the installation!

  2. […] after, home, manual labor Finally for the installment to show it all come together! We left off here  with our filled, compacted, and prepped patio base. The purpose of the compacted gravel is to […]

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