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sometimes it rains June 13, 2010

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quite literally in fact. 

I know, we’ve been neglectful bloggers as of late.  I’d usually apologize, but eh, I just didn’t feel like blogging.  That’s really all.  Plus, June began our crazy busy month of pure fun.  Seriously, sometimes my calendar makes me hyperventilate.  But I have such fun doing it all!!

What’d we miss?

For a whole week my lil sister came out to Seattle to visit me.  It was delightful, except for the whole rain thing.  It wasn’t just a little rain.  It was a whole lotta rain. Cold and rainy.  She probably thinks this place is tragic since her plane landing in town has always issued the start of some unusual pattern of intense grossness lasting for days.  While I was irritated that the camping trip I planned on the peninsula was literally washed away… I was also doing a happy dance for the grass seed B and I planted in the backyard.  It’s like three inches tall after 2 weeks of rain. 

Anyway, I digress.  We found rainy day activities to do.  It involved Kaity making us homemade pancakes on Saturday morning in our PJs .  And then the three of us bundled under blankets on the couch ate and watched TV.  Pure bliss.

Plus, we played hooky from work (shhh!) and finally visited Banya 5.  It’s this great Russian bathhouse in South Lake Union with steam rooms, sauna, a tea room and different temperature pools.  Plus if you arrive before 4.30 it is half off admission.  It was delightful…living in Finland thought B and I how to love sauna.

We ventured out in the rain one day and took the ferry over to the Kitsap Peninsula.  We visited both Port Gamble and Poulsbo… walking around, drinking coffee, shopping.  The sun peeked out a few times… but sadly not on the ferry home….

Kaity and I dined at two of my favorite Seattle restuarants.  Don’t you love when people come to visit and it gives you the perfect excuse to go to your favorite spots??  We had sandwiches at Macrina bakery and sushi at Chiso, yumyum!

Oh, and we played lots of board games in between all of this…and had friends over to join the fun. 

And then, on Memorial Day… it was looking like rain.  So we thought…all well, we will just have an indoor BBQ.  About an hour before people were going to come over… there came the sun, in full force.  We all quick moved the patio furniture out and started the grill… It was glorious.  Also glorious were the made from scratch Red Velvet cupycakes Kaity made for me (which i so nicely shared with my friends…)  Why on earth did I not take a picture of these??  Oh, probably because I was too busy eating them and basking in the sun on the patio. 

The sun was nice enough to last for Kaity’s last day in town too… So we went to Ballard Locks and watched the salmon swim and the boats go through …

danielley says, “watching these salmon  makes me hungry for dinner!”

: )


2 Responses to “sometimes it rains”

  1. Lisa Merseles Says:

    Cute kids!

  2. Angie Says:

    Hi Kaity!!!! Tell that young lady I miss her out here. And you too. :O).

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