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Kooza June 9, 2010

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Last night I went to Cirque Du Soleil for the first time. It’s a little ridiculous seeing as how it comes to Marymoor Park almost every year, which is in the town where I grew up, AND that I’ve been to Vegas twice, but somehow it never came together.

Beautiful, Colorful Set Design. Photo Credit: LA Times

My mom asked to go for her birthday this year, and after scoring a great deal on tickets as part of a Valentines Day special back in February, we finally got to go last night.

The Innocent travels to the underworld, full of skeletons and demons. Photo Credit: The Oregonian

It was so, so, incredible. The Kooza show is advertised as being sort of back to their circus-y roots. Less overdrawn storyline/plot, more crazy acrobatics. Also, there was a pretty hefty clown element, and some magicians, that made the show light and funny. I think it was a nice introduction to Cirque, although now I can also see how some of the more involved plots would tie everything together into one big experience.

The Trickster with The Innocent in the background. Photo Credit: Cirque Du Soleil.

The show followed the character of “The Innocent” through sort of a vague journey to some foreign land, then to the underworld, and back, all led by The trickster, a mysterious character with a very cool sparkly baton. According to the Cirque website, all the scenes exist within the Innocents subconscious: a “reflection of his soul”. It was all very nutcracker-esque: Traveling to this dream world and seeing individual dances/acts that were all intriguing and amazing in their own way. The costumes and makeup were as amazing as I had expected, it was really visually stunning.

Costume Sketch for the some of the skeletons. Some had heads floating on long necks, very carnivalesque. Photo Credit: Cirque Du Soleil

Balancing on Chairs. Photo credit: Cirque Du Soleil

Some of the acts were fun but some were just downright incredible. The most jaw dropping were “Balancing on Chairs” where a man does intricate gymnastics on a 23’ tower, and Wheel of Death (enough said, lol). I also loved “Hoops Manipulation” which had a woman twirling 8 sparkly hula hoops simultaneously.

Wheel of Death. Photo Credit Unknown

Hoop Manipulation. Photo Credit: The Oregonian

My favorite part of the show was a character who got little to no stage time: The Heimloss. He’s a scuba diver of sorts who lives beneath the stage and only pops up to announce intermission, etc. He was creepy but hilarious.

Heimloss. Photo Credit: The Oregonian

It was fascinating and I am now dying to see all the other shows I have always wanted to see. Vegas, anyone?

Crazy Contortionists. Photo Credit: Katy Radditz


3 Responses to “Kooza”

  1. Jo Says:

    It’s on my list to do some day!! I would love to see one of the Vegas shows!

  2. Lisa Merseles Says:

    I would love to catch that show, too! “Wintuk” is their show for children and has had fantastic reviews for the past two years in NYC. It is so refreshing to see a “circus” without animals capturing the imagination of so many!

  3. thetomlinfamily Says:

    We saw Zumanity in Vegas for our honeymoon and we saw the show that came to Marymoor two years ago, too! Cirque never disappoints. 🙂

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