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IKEA Outdoors March 22, 2010

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The other night on the way to the airport, we made a quick detour into IKEA for a few things we have been needing: specific-sized picture frames, curtain rods, wall hooks, and, to take a gander through the new outdoor offerings for this summer’s patio.

These are just a few of the things we saw: we managed to restrain ourselves to a snippet of these. But, they have some nicely designed items that are sure to quickly and affordably liven up anyone’s outdoor space.

Solar Powered Table Lamps (these also come in pendant version if you have somewhere to hang from: i wish we did!)

Solar powered lantern chain (Did not buy, but turquoise: CUTE!)

Acacia and Poly Lounger

Fun festive gardening bags. Could also be used for gift giving, knitting baskets, etc.

Swoopy Plant Pot

Pretty sangria pitcher

What we did buy were some turquoise seat covers for our new patio chairs which should arrive soon, and some very cute striped patio glassware, but i can’t find these online.

Can’t wait to go back to raid their fabric-by-the-yard section for some new projects!


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