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march madness March 9, 2010

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this month is crazy awesome. And not just because the rain is starting to dissipate and we get to work outside. But because a lot of amazing books, movies, and music are coming out and i’m just ecstatic. Before tonight i was just happy, but then i just found something that put me over the edge.

First, with the purchase of my new sewing machine and some of its fancy features, i figured i need to learn how to sew more than a straight line. Martha’s Encyclopedia of Crafts is a great volume with tons of inspiration, so when i saw she was releasing an Encyclopedia of Sewing i place a pre-order right away.

Then, two of the best animated films of the year are coming out this month. Fantastic Mr. Fox AND Princess and the Frog. Both worth watching again and again.

And last but not least, She & Him is releasing their second album. I LOVE She & Him. Zoe Deschanel and M Ward. Dreamy. I listen to their Volume One at least once a day while i’m working and now volume two is on the way. They even released a music video this week that is a spoof on Britney Spears’ ‘Hit Me Baby’ and its darling in a hilarious way.

Get your credit cards out kiddos, because there is a lot of excitement in the world this month.


2 Responses to “march madness”

  1. Jo Says:

    I too am very excited about this latest Martha book! 🙂 Yay. I need to see Princess and the Frog! I have yet to.

  2. natalie Says:

    Hello Ladies! Thought I’d send you a little blog love (since I’m now a blogger!) Love you!

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