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crafting: evergreen trees January 17, 2010

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remember the other day?  when I told you we repurpose our Christmas tree trunks?

{and now remember you probably thought, d, you are crazy?}

Well let me show you what I made during the month of December as presents for a few very important people….

Evergreen Trees for the winter months:

That’s right, these go beautifully on your winter tablescape… (as well as forests surrounding your Christmas villages)…

You will need three different height pieces of trunk.  (recommended 5, 9 and 12″ in height.)  All the cuts need to be clean and you may need to trial and error their ability to stand up.  Don’t worry if there are stubbles of branches or anything, that actually ends up being really great.

You will also need a hot glue gun and some green felt.  I use anywhere from 3-4 different shades of green.  I also get that nice wool felt from the store and look for ones with color variations within the fibers.

I pre-cut some felt into rectangles so that I can glue all at the same time.  Pieces should be between 1/2 and an inch wide AND 1.25″ and 1.75″ in length.  Variations in sizes amongst colors is best!

{bowl of felt rectangles}


{beginning the third of my lil group}

Now I cut one large triangle out of felt to use as my glue-ing base.  Use your trunk to measure the size of this and tack it onto your wood trunk.  Leave the bottom flaired out, like you are putting a skirt on your tree. {see how actually having the beginning of branches like in the example above would help?}

 Then, you start from the bottom.  Put glue on one of the short sides of your felt piece and attach to the  felt background.  Continue, but remember to overlap your pieces.  Also remember to use all the colors randomly and work all the way around your trees.

Tops can be as pointy as you would like.  Use some of the smaller rectangles to overlap up there.

I made lots for friends and family, but the idea really took flight last winter when I made some for me !

Here they are:

{remember where this lil owl is from?}

And here they are as part of our winter mantle this month….


who knows, maybe we will even one day get some snow!


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