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While searching for barnacles January 12, 2010

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This morning i did an etsy search for “barnacle” (long story), and sadly didn’t find much. I did, however, find this print from ArgyleWhale* (love that name!) that i think is a cute reminder during tough times.

My family and I had a terrific holiday season, but nonetheless the last couple months have brought a lot of disappointment. I’m going to be doing a lot more east coast travelling than i had anticipated (thanks to the Navy stationing Erik at a dry-dock boat in Norfolk), and life at work seems to get harder and more frustrating every day due to some management decisions that have been tough to swallow. Also, i started a 6 month invisalign process yesterday to correct my teenage laziness (not wearing my retainer enough!) which is painful and expensive. So, trying to rely on this cutie whale and some extra deep breaths to get through.

Continuing the affordable art stint from yesterday, here are a couple additional prints from Argyle Whale that i find particularly charming.

I have an affinity for narwhales, and the wittiness of the Venn diagram just GETS me!

ok, bad pun, but still pretty funny!

*In other funniness, I stumbled upon this shop totally randomly this morning, but they have definitely been customers of OUR shop before. You can’t forget a name like that. Small world out there in handmade land.


One Response to “While searching for barnacles”

  1. Kirsten Says:

    I love that first one. I need it in my home.

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