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call me crazy but… January 7, 2010

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the more I read posts and posts about the new year, the more excited I get for it.   Seriously, my reader is full of well wishes and new thoughts.  I am excited to get started on my own house projects, fitness goals, cooking ideas, crafty outlets, etc …

BUT I am not ready for it either.

I don’t want to stop listening to Christmas music on my ipod, or in church on Sundays.  I do not want to stop making Christmas themed craft projects.  I do not want to stop having fun reasons to buy or make things for people.  And, well….  I am not ready to say good-bye to Matilda

Call me crazy but, while walking to the bus stop this morning, I nearly had a meltdown.     You see, it’s Thurday, which is garbage day on my street.  They also pick up our huge compost/yard waste bin.  Now, usually I am excited about this event — our yard grows faster then we would like most of the time. 

But today, peeking out the tops of most of the bins on my street were trees.  Of the evergreen variety.  Washed-up, has-beens of Christmas past.

via _Madolan_'s flickr stream

Now I must say, in Matilda’s defense… she still looks beautiful. Sagging a little from the heavy ornaments, yes.  She, though, is still drinking a little each day and has barely lost any needles.  All this considering she has been hanging out inside with us since November 29th.  🙂

When I finally decide its time B demands we say good-bye to our Christmas tree, Matilda will not be put on the curb.  No way. 

We are far too crafty to just throw things away!  So, if you still want your Christmas tree to live on, we have a few crafty things to show you just what we do over here!    The trunk is the primary part to save.  I usually clamp the tree down and take my power saw to it, chopping off all the branches.   {We have several trees sans branches in our garage right now, just waiting for projects.  I may or may not have rescued a few discarded trees on my block last year.  This year I am even going to save a few boughs, because they made excellent fire starters in our fireplace this year….}  But really, save your tree. 

Plus, your trunk still smells a bit like Christmas tree. 

I told you you would think I was crazy.

{but just wait and see how awesome your tree is for a few more months of winter decorating!}


3 Responses to “call me crazy but…”

  1. Jo Says:

    Yay – might Aiden’s Year 2 ornament be an upcycle of Matilda? 🙂

    Also thanks for posting a plentiful today B&D (and for the comment on my blog) – it’s always exciting to read, and I needed a little extra cheer today.

  2. misslisa1111 Says:

    Christmas is so special for two reasons–first, the obvious historical/religious implications and second, it only comes around once a year!!!! Epiphany marks the arrival of the Three Kings. The Bible now focuses on the seemingly short childhood of Christ and delves into his adult teachings. Just as the Bible moves on, we must now prepare for the season of Lent which is just around the corner!

    I still have my tree up, too, Danielle. It is drinking water each and everyday and looks beautiful. But, everything is coming down this weekend. I am sad about this, too!

  3. […] crafting: evergreen trees January 17, 2010 Filed under: christmas, crafty — ravennagirls @ 10:02 pm Tags: christmas, crafting, decor, felt, winter remember the other day?  when I told you we repurpose our Christmas tree trunks? […]

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